Imagine the last time you parked your car on a sketchy street corner or in a crowded parking garage. You probably walked away feeling a little uneasy about leaving your precious baby behind. Like any less-than-stellar situation, you make do with what’s available. You can’t spend all night looking for the perfect spot while life passes you by. What’s the likelihood of something happening anyways?

That peace of mind you give yourself, although comforting, is not always realistic. 

The number of car thefts have spiked across the U.S. as more and more people have spent less time driving this year. Due to the novel coronavirus, work-from-home has become a standard regime for most employees, while our vehicles are left out on the street or parked for days without use. I mean, who hasn’t enjoyed the satisfaction of working from home in their pajamas? At the same time, our cars face a new battle against crime and thievery. The problem is, what can we do about it?

Like any investment, you want some sense of security knowing your vehicle is protected from the recent rise in thefts. While nothing is guaranteed, a new level of security has recently surfaced. Introducing: the Ring security system for cars

In this post, you’ll learn more about Ring’s breakthrough advancements in DIY surveillance, including a sneak peak into the Ring Car Alarm, Car Cam, and Car Connect that is changing the game in automotive security. 

Ring the alarm

The Ring security system has transformed the utility of home security. What originally started as video doorbells has now become a full line of security products that you can monitor from the convenience of the Ring App. Purchased by Amazon in 2018, this innovative company has grown significantly over the last few years, advancing its technologies to include motion detected devices, floodlight cameras, and solar powered batteries. Just recently, it unveiled the upcoming launch of “next-level indoor security” — better understood as flying cameras. 

One of the continual attractions to Ring security systems remains its affordable price. Consumers of all incomes and demographics have the opportunity to incorporate the Ring security into their home. Now, with the upcoming launch of a car security system, consumers have even more to look forward to when it comes to keeping their environment safe. 

Let’s break it down, unveiling Ring’s latest car security system  

Maintaining the safety of your car seemed like a far-fetched idea to some drivers, but Ring has made it possible. After an outpouring demand by consumers for car security, this Amazon-powered company will deliver yet another self-monitoring security system. This time, exclusively for your vehicle. Check out the range of products below:

Ring Car Alarm

This OBD-II device successfully detects a break-in, accident, and other suspicious activity around your car. It can even alert you when your vehicle is being towed. When these situations unfold, you will be notified immediately through Amazon’s Sidewalk network of Bluetooth Low Energy devices. Through this capability, the Ring Car Alarm does not require data or Wi-Fi to operate, nor a monthly fee. 

Cost: $59

Ring Car Cam

Similar to the Ring Home Security, the Ring Car Cam will monitor your vehicle’s activity and safety from the convenience of your mobile device. This bundle includes two HD cameras, with one facing the windshield and the other directly surveillancing the interior cabin. It will notify car owners when skeptical activity is occurring, with the ability to play back footage and save videos. Backed by Alexa technology, you can also utilize this device if you’re being pulled over or in urgent need of assistance from emergency services. 

Cost: $199

Ring Car Connect

The Ring Car Connect technology integrates the Ring Car Alarm and Ring Car Cam into one available software. This means car manufacturers have the opportunity to coalesce Ring Car Connect into the production of their vehicles. While this may take some time, the technology is there and readily available for drivers to purchase on their own. 

For example, all Tesla models can integrate the Ring Car Connect software into its existing Sentry mode — a feature that allows Tesla owners to monitor suspicious activity around their electric vehicle. Essentially, Ring Car Connect is taking us into the future of car ownership, where car safety is just as important as your home. 

Cost: $199

Parking safety 101: South Florida ranks #1 in car thefts

The locations we park our cars are sometimes less than ideal. While one day you might feel the joy of landing a front-row parking spot, the next you could find yourself blocks away from your home. Convenience is key, but you have to keep in mind the inevitable dangers that surround your vehicle. 

Car theft and accidents can happen anywhere, but some areas are more susceptible than others. South Florida has been ranked number 1 in car thefts in the state, making Ring’s latest car technology an awesome buy for drivers in this area. Before you know it, I’m sure all drivers will be looking into car security or at least taking it more seriously.  

The launch of the Ring Car Cam and Car Alarm won’t arrive until next year, but the buzz surrounding these security products is already happening. It’s reassuring to know that soon we’ll be able to monitor the safety of our cars everywhere we go. 

Will you buy a Ring Car Cam or Car Alarm? Tell us your thoughts below. 


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