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NYC Mayor Announces Apple AirTags Giveaway to Reduce Car Thefts

Last year we saw one of the biggest impacts social media has had on the car industry. Following a trending “How-To” video on the popular TikTok platform, Hyundai and Kia owners became instant targets for car thefts across the nation. The trend spread ramped through cities like Cleveland, Seattle, and Milwaukee, even leading some city officials to pursue legal action against the automakers for not having done enough to protect the vehicles and their car owners. In addition to the break-in’s, the uptick in car thefts has subsequently had an impact on police funding and resources as well as the extent of property damage seen within urban areas. The latest action taken to scale down the number of car thefts most recently occurred in New York City. There, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced a plan to distribute Apple AirTags to help residents keep tabs on their vehicles.

This offering, in hope, will give NYC car owners greater peace of mind as the TikTok trend continues to influence the total of car burglaries each season.

NYC’s latest initiative to combat car thefts includes 500 AirTags

TikTok gives viewers pages of harmless content on the daily. Yet in some cases, such as this one, the damage of what is seen is far too impactful. A simple how-to video has affected thousands of car owners, many of which were unaware just how easy it was to break into their vehicles. While newer models come equipped with state-of-the-art safety technologies that make it nearly impossible to break-in, older models lack the same standard of security. Those who own Hyundai or Kia models from 2011-2021 have become the scapegoat of this unfortunate trend. And as of now, it shows no signs of stopping.

Car owners are undeniably frustrated, but so are the officials that run these cities. With the number of car theft reports increasing each quarter, authorities are urging automakers, namely Kia, Hyundai, and Honda, to take further measures for reducing the damage to resident’s personal property. New York City Mayor Eric Adams and many others are trying to hold both TikTok accountable for the “Kia Boyz Challenge” and the carmakers that are failing to better protect their customers.

How do Apple AirTags work?

Apple AirTags are essentially tiny tracking devices that can be placed in your car or personal items so you can easily locate your belongings. Retailing at just $29 per tag, you can track down any item with an Apple AirTag attached using an App on your iPhone.

What role with NYPD play in tracking AirTag giveaways?

New York City Mayor made clear during his announcement that authorities will not have tracking access to the AirTags unless given permission by the vehicle owner. Once you realize your vehicle is missing, police can use the Apple AirTag as a means for tracking down your vehicle and getting it back in proper hands. It’s important to note, the Mayor did not clarify which vehicle owners would be a recipient of the give-away. However, we suspect those vulnerable to the TikTok challenge are the main giftees.


Although Apple AirTags don’t prevent the actual theft from happening, they are a resourceful item for retrieving your stolen vehicle. Whether you live in New York City and can take advantage of this offer or simply want to improve the security of your Kia or Hyundai model, consider an Apple AirTag the right investment. Because most older vehicles that are vulnerable to this trend don’t come stocked with tracking technology, the AirTag remains a valuable solution.

To learn more about the uptick in car thefts and how to improve your safety, read our feature on 5 Regularly Overlooked Car Safety Issues.

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