Driving your favorite car can be fun, but as soon as there’s a defect, things can get dangerous quick. Every year, millions of cars are issued recalls for safety defects as minor as a bug in the dash display to major hazards like battery fires. But what actually happens when a new car recall is issued?

According to the Kelley Blue Book, A recall occurs when a manufacturer or NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) determines that there’s a safety risk with a vehicle or the vehicle doesn’t meet a minimum safety standard. Usually, a recall covers only certain parts or equipment on a vehicle; it’s rare for a manufacturer to recall an entire vehicle.

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So what new car recalls should you be aware of? Below are some of the most recent recalls. It’s important to note however, that your auto manufacturer should notify you via mail if there’s a recall on your vehicle. However, it’s always best to be prepared. 

Check to see if your vehicle has made this list below, and click on each entry in the list for more info. 

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    1. I always feel like buying the newest car is like getting the newest phone or doing a phone update. You don’t want to do it. Wait a year until the recalls come out and hopefully get fixed in the next year.

    2. Hasn’t the Takata recall been going on for the past… two decades?

    3. So many people get freaked out when they hear that their model has a recall. I’m just glad it is something that the dealerships usually take care of.

    4. Well first I was a little lost on what it meant by recall. I could not understand what exactly it meant by recall my vehicle. After speaking with my teammates I was able to understand what recall meant. In NY yearly the car has to be inspected so in my opinion thats the best way to tell if a car has a defect or is easier to catch a defect.

    5. Its always good to keep up with these.

    6. Sometimes these recalls sound so scary. If you get your service at the dealership, they just take care of it for you. If you get your service from a local repair shop, you need to stay on top of these and schedule an appointment when necessary at the dealer.

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