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5 Most Common Car Problems You’ll Experience

When the warning light switches on, you know your car’s in trouble. But did you know there are over 200 possible reasons for an error code to display? Talk about confusing! In some instances, the problem is obvious. For example, a flat tire is pretty hard to miss. Other times, the warning light could be a total mystery. You may have no idea why the light is on. In fact, your car may appear to be working perfectly fine. This doesn’t mean you should overlook a warning code. To help drivers prepare for a potential breakdown, we’ve listed the 5 most common car problems you’ll likely experience during car ownership.

What are the most common car problems?

The type of car you drive won’t protect you from a potential breakdown in the future. These common car problems can happen at any time, despite the age of your vehicle. In truth, preventing these issues often comes down to the driver.  Do you take your vehicle to the mechanic as suggested? Do you keep up with oil changes? Routine car maintenance is essential, in any case.

If not, it’s likely you’ll experience one of the five common car issues listed below:

  1. Flat Tire
  2. Dead battery
  3. Alternator failure
  4. Broken A/C compressor
  5. Faulty brakes

Dead batteries and flat tires are among the most common car problems that drivers speak about. A flat tire typically comes about from a nail or bad road conditions, but it could even happen if you don’t maintain proper inflation. A good rule of thumb is to keep tire pressure between 32 to 35 psi for the best condition. A car battery will usually last around 3 to 5 years depending on the wear and tear of your vehicle. However, temperature changes can also factor in. A hot sunny day might accelerate the corrosion of your battery.

All things considered, the five common car problems mentioned above are things you should be cautious of. Listen to what your vehicle needs and don’t let a simple problem get worse. A leaky A/C could lead to more damaged parts within your vehicle.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the warning light is not something that should be ignored. It’s the first indicator that something either under the hood or mechanically is malfunctioning in your car. Whether you know the cause of the problem or not, you should take your vehicle to an auto body shop for a full diagnostic test. Within a few hours, a car professional should be able to distinguish the issue and offer a solution.

To learn more about cars and mechanics, read our blog post on whether you should bring your own auto parts to a mechanic.

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