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Can I Bring My Own Auto Parts to a Mechanic?

On numerous occasions, when you take your car to an auto body shop, the mechanic is responsible for assessing and diagnosing the needed repairs. Once they’ve pinpointed the problem, you’ll be informed on the services that are needed. In most cases, this involves ordering specialty parts for your vehicle. You might have to wait a day or two, sometimes even weeks due to the ongoing production shortages.

But what if you’re a car enthusiast? Chances are you know a thing or two about automobiles and have already identified the problem. For instance, let’s say your headlights need a replacement. Why not purchase quality headlamps for an affordable price online? Why let your mechanic pick and choose?

Many times, drivers think they’ll save money if they buy their own auto parts ahead of time. In truth, if you’re doing the work yourself, it makes sense to buy these car parts on your own. However, that’s not always the case if you plan on  bringing your car to a mechanic.

While you certainly can bring your own auto parts to a repair shop, the question is: Should you do it? Here are the potential repercussions of buying your own auto parts before a repair.

Should I bring my own auto parts to a mechanic?

Though your intentions might be good, there are possible repercussions that every car owner should consider. Keep reading to learn about these effects and why it’s better to proceed with caution when purchasing your own auto parts for a repair service.

What’s the cost?

The main reason why car enthusiasts purchase automobile parts on their own is to save money. Simply put, they think a mechanic will “overcharge” them. And truthfully, that is a real possibility nowadays. At the same time, mechanics will often find a number of problems with accepting auto parts from customers. First off, there is always the possibility that a part will not be compatible with your car nor be of quality grade. This will inevitably cost you more should you need a better replacement.

Another point to make, if you purchase car parts outside of the mechanic, they will not offer you a warranty in the event something goes wrong. As a result, you cannot rely on the auto body shop to remedy any repairs in the future. It is out of their hands at that point, and you’ll have to assume responsibility for the car parts you chose. All and all, you’re not guaranteed a bargain if you buy on your own. It could cost you more in the long run.

It can impact your vehicle health

As mentioned above, unless you’re an automotive expert, it can be rather difficult to make the right call on this decision. While you shop around for car parts, you could easily be deceived by low sticker prices and forget to do a thorough check on the quality of the product. This, unfortunately, could be damaging to the health of your vehicle. Your mechanic might advise you against using a product of lower quality grade, and instead, suggest using the car parts from their trusted retailer.

Iffy mechanics

Mechanics are often hesitant to accept customer car parts, although, many may concede to doing the work once you’ve signed a waiver. Understandably, the mechanic is the expert in this case, which means they’ll have every right to determine if an auto part is subpar or standard. Essentially, their job is to look out for your vehicle and make sure it has a long lifespan. Subpar car parts will  increase your odds of a breakdown, no doubt. Therefore, you can imagine more trips to the repair shop down the road.

Does it make sense to bring your own auto parts to a mechanic?

In short, definitely not! We get that purchasing your own auto parts could have financial benefits. Who doesn’t love to save a dime? However, there is always the possibility that bringing your car part to a mechanic will cause more harm than good. Some mechanics won’t even accept outside parts due to the liability. Some will charge more for labor. At the end of the day, the auto part will be your burden. Don’t be ashamed to let the professionals assume responsibility.

If you’re still up for the challenge, there’s always the option of doing it yourself. Of course, the repair should be simplistic if you’re a novice car enthusiast. To get started, check out our list of DIY Automotive Repairs Anyone Can Do.

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    1. 100% agree. You wouldn’t bring a steak to a restaurant, would you?

    2. You can’t compare an auto repair shop with a restaurant. A cook won’t tell you need to purchase several other items before he can prepare your steak. I found the shocks that I needed for my car at a national auto parts shop for $81.99. I found exactly the same shocks on Amazon and purchased a pair for $88.92 including tax and shipping. An auto repair shop probably would have charged $250.00 or more. Honest mechanics are harder to find than honest politicians. Even in the age of electronics, “shade tree” mechanic still thriving. I purchased the shocks and had them installed for exactly $188.92. What I want on my car is my decision, if the mechanic disagrees I’ll find another one.

    3. Always bring you parts to your mechanic always , why cause you’ll be paying $113 for something that costs $40 , if they don’t like that just walk away , simple

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