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5 Characteristics Of A Car Enthusiast — Featuring Formula Drift Driver Kevin Phillips

Do you love the sound of gas-powered engines? Does new car tech make you want to jump into the driver seat? If the answer is yes, consider yourself an auto enthusiast. It doesn’t matter if you’re a muscle head fanatic or revel in the sophistication of a modern model, all car enthusiasts share one common attribute: a love for cars. From speedy coupes to luxury sedans, there is a ride for everyone, including a handful of characteristics that define what a true car enthusiast really is. 

Discover the commonalities that link car enthusiasts together, including a firsthand look at popular car enthusiast, Kevin Phillips.

Characteristics of a car enthusiast 

Defining the characteristics of a car enthusiast is relatively easy. Among an industry that is constantly growing in fandom, you’ll find millions of individuals who get giddy over customizable rides and swanky interiors. These same individuals love to talk about all things car-related, from the inner workings of a vehicle to building a car from scratch.

Even when car enthusiasts differ in opinion, they’ll find common ground over performance. Or least find enough reason to appreciate it. That’s the thing about cars in general, they bring people together. No matter what make or model you’re currently obsessing over, there is someone out there that shares the same fixation. 

That said, there are many types of car enthusiasts around you. It doesn’t take much to spot one out, but here are the traits to look out for:

Chasing exhaust fumes 

A true car enthusiast is not only amused by exterior aesthetics. The real moment of truth comes when the sound of an engine is all you can hear. Whether you’re a regular joe shmoe or a high roller, there is nothing like the sound of an exhaust pipe trailing down a highway. The moment you hear this rumbling it sends a shock of adrenaline throughout your body. The only thing you can think of is putting the pedal to the metal. In that moment, nothing else matters. You lose sight of the conversation you’re engaged in and become one with the engine. This indescribable notion is one of the most reoccurring  characteristics of a car enthusiast — somebody who is always on the lookout for an impressive engine. 

Keeping inventory on all makes and models

For many car enthusiasts, a trip to the grocery store is the perfect opportunity to window shop. At every stop light, parking lot, or drive through you encounter, you take notice of the vehicles around you. Some car enthusiasts are even guilty of enjoying a work commute for this reason. Only because they get to ride along with some of the coolest makes and models on the automotive market. If it’s your lucky day, you’ll speed past a mint condition Ferrari F40 with pop up headlights. In any case, the more time you spend on the road, the more likely you’ll fall a little more in love.    

Attend car shows

What better way to relish in your passion for cars than being around like-minded people? Attending a car show is a momentous time for a car enthusiast because you see a full display of some of the most innovative models available. You’ll even catch glimpse of concept cars and future releases way before the public eye finds out. If you’re an avid collector, take things up a notch and try attending a car auction. There you’ll surround yourself with old timers and some of the loyalist car enthusiasts around. 

Sharing car photos and videos

Social media has ramped up what it means to be an auto enthusiast. Now drivers can share their love affair for the world to see. Just you and your ride on full display, giving other car enthusiasts a peak into the transformation, excellence, and performance of your latest pride and joy. Plus, it makes sense to show off your greatest attribute, your car. Some take part in professional accounts with sponsored posts. Some Instagram users create accounts just for fun. Either way, you’re sure to attract a plethora of car enthusiasts when you share content about your favorite pastime. 

Take Kevin Phillips, former Formula Drift ProSpec Driver, for example. He’s garnered over 17k followers from sharing his passion for cars, drift driving, and experience as a former Rusty Wallace Racing Pilot. He’s even worked on a custom brake pedal for Shaquille O’Neal’s 1964 Impala. He wears many hats as a car enthusiast, from collector to repairman. All said and done, he shows us how it’s done. 

Today, Phillips biggest fulfillment comes from showing off his detailed Toyota Supra and a variety of collector items. To check out what all the hype is about, head over to @therealkevinphillips Instagram and see for yourself. You’ll soon see why Phillips holds all the characteristics of a  car enthusiast in 2021. 

Obsession with car mechanics 

The final tell-tale sign of a car enthusiast is an interest in automotive repairs. If you have a knack for fixing engines, tires, or any working part of a vehicle, say “just for fun”, then you are fully enthralled in the car enthusiast lifestyle. Anything from DIY oil changes to being the go-to family mechanic, you earn a rep for being a die-hard automotive fan whether you like it or not. 

Do you have the characteristics of a car enthusiast?

If any of the previous traits speak volumes to you, go ahead and declare yourself a car enthusiast! Whether you’ve developed this interest later in life or hold on to childhood memories, becoming a car enthusiast is often a lifelong passion. In this day and age, drivers are witnessing some astonishing breakthroughs. The best part is you can continually value the old while watching revolutionary transformations take place, like the recent crossover to electric vehicles. 

Part of the magic of being a car enthusiast is having many niches to explore.  Between mechanics to collectables, the automotive sector appeals to a variety of motor aficionados. After taking a look at the top 5 characteristics of a car enthusiast, it’s evident that a love for cars is really all you need to become a part of this club. So, the only question is: are you? 


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