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7 Cars Have The Most Advanced Self-Driving Features

As the automobile industry transcends into its considerable period of change,
along with electric vehicle engineering, a new and popular trend is implementing technology into cars and vehicles. The largest area of growth within this technology is the addition of self-driving features or autonomous driving.

Cruise control is an autonomous driving feature that has been added to cars for
decades, but until a few years ago, it was the only self-driving feature cars had.
As many vehicles are being re-designed to add hybrid or electric technology,
automotive manufacturers are taking the opportunity to add a wealth of intuitive self-driving features.

Here are the vehicles with the best self-driving features on the market in 2023.

The Latest and Safest Self-Driving Features Unveiled

Ford F-150

Ford’s F-150 is the best-selling pickup in America, and there are many reasons
why Americans cannot get enough of it. It has excellent towing capabilities, an
attractive design, and many features, such as BlueCruise semi-autonomous
system. This system operates on specific highways across America. It includes
adaptive cruise control and lane-centering assist. 

By using these features together, the Ford F-150 can stay within the boundaries
of the highway lane and keep the same pace as the vehicle around it. While this
system is excellent, the pickup driver does not need their hands on the steering
wheel, unlike Genesis’ Highways Driving Assist system, which can cause safety


The BMW X5 is one of the most popular SUVs from the iconic German automobile
company. It embodies luxury while being understated enough to be utilized as a
family car. This vehicle offers its users comfort, performance, and many safety

When purchasing a new X5 model, an additional Driving Assistance Professional package can be added to this vehicle for $1,900. This package includes traffic jam assist and adaptive cruise control. Along with these intuitive features, this car can automatically steer itself when driving less than 40 mph on specific roads.

Tesla Model S

Tesla is the benchmark for groundbreaking technology, and it is not surprising
that the Model S has an abundance of semi-autonomous features. The Model S
comes with the controversial Autopilot system, which comes standard in most
Tesla vehicles. The system contains features such as adaptive cruise control, a
warning when the vehicle is moving out of the boundaries of its lane, and lane-
keep assist.

This Autopilot system can be upgraded. The first upgrade adds features such
as autonomous lane-change assist, partially autonomous highway driving, and
park assist. The Model S also has the futuristic Summon feature, which directly
moves the vehicle from where it is parked to the driver. This upgrade is priced at $6,000.

The second upgrade package, Full Self-Driving Capability, includes all the
previously mentioned features, plus traffic light and stop sign control. To avail of these features, it will cost you a hearty $15,000.

Genesis GV80

Thanks to its re-design and abundance of attractive features, Genesis GV90 is
now a top choice when considering luxury cars. It has a beautiful design,
affordable price, and excellent features. One of the standout features available is
the Highway Driving Assist, which comes standard within this vehicle. 

This system includes adaptive cruise control and lane-centering assist on roads
with speed limits under 95 mph. For the Highway Driving Assist to be activated,
the driver is required to have both hands on the vehicle’s steering wheel while
the system is operational.

Cadillac Escalade

When looking for an SUV that is both luxurious to drive and filled with self-driving features. The Cadillac Escalade is an excellent choice. It has a range of popular infotainment features and operating features, such as GM’s Super Cruise system.This driving system allows hand-free driving on specific roads.

The Super Cruise system also contains a camera in the vehicle’s cabin as a safety feature. It will only work if it determines that the driver is sufficiently paying attention to the road. This Super Cruise system will set consumers back $2,500. This price seems a lot cheaper than Tesla’s Autopilot system. But there is a catch. To avail of this technology, the consumers must also buy the OnStar and Connected Service package that includes various infotainment services, priced at $1,500.

Volvo V90 Cross County

The Volvo V90 Cross County is a favorite among consumers for many reasons,
including its versatility between day-to-day family driving and off-roading, its
raised height for a more comfortable experience, and its excellent handling.

This SUV has many exciting features, along with excellent engineering and
design. Volvo’s Pilot Assist System comes standard in the V90. Within this
system, Pilot Assist can keep the V90 between the lane markings, utilize cruise
control and maintain a set distance between the vehicle ahead. It will remain
operational if the car maintains a speed of under 140 km/h and the driver keeps
their hands on the steering wheel.

Unlike other systems, as this system comes as standard, there is no extra charge
to avail of these self-driving features.

Nissan Ariya

The Nissan Ariya is an all-electric car/SUV hybrid that is quick, affordable, and
has an extensive array of technological options. With fast charging speed, two
12.3 touchscreens, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto already installed, this
crossover has excellent self-driving features. 

Like the Volvo V90 Cross County, the Nissan Ariya’s self-driving system comes
standard. The ProPilot Assist 2.0 can facilitate hands-free single-lane highway
driving and the ability to automatically overtake slower vehicles and intelligent
around-view monitor. It can detect the car in front and automatically adjust its
speed to stay behind it. 

Along with ProPilot Assist, the Nissan Ariya also comes with ProPilot Park, which can glide this car into its designated parking space by pressing one button. This system will utilize the steering, accelerator, brakes, and gears to ensure excellent and stress-free parking.

Features like self-driving are important in luxury cars as our modern world
becomes more intertwined with technology. While some of these features, like
parking assist, make driving your car much easier and less stressful, these
features do not fully operate your vehicle and must be treated with care and

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