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Green With Envy: An Impeccable 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 455

A tried-and-true muscle car can stir the senses of even the most experienced bidder at a car auction! There was a very iconic example for sale at a “Bring Your Own Trailer” auction just two days ago. An impeccable 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 455 was one of the last very furious rides before the fuel crisis of the 1970s was in full effect.

An Impeccable 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 455

The 1973 action film McQ featured this model as a capable character, featuring John Wayne taking down corrupt Seattle detectives. This stems from an earlier vein of the charisma that made the “Smokey and the Bandit” 1977 model so appealing. It is a Brewster Green hue with the favored 4-speed manual transmission. The model is collector-grade, and the paint job is the original factory dip. 

Elegant Aggression: How the Firebird Redefines Automotive Sophistication

Restore a Muscle Car of Nebraska went over this amazingly fit model in detail. There are 250 miles on the odometer, with its actual mileage unknown. It is nicely fitted with 15-inch Rally II style wheels, and its first impression is a brutish layer of charm. The Car and Driver team had officially declared that this was “one of the last fast cars.”

Its 1.75 7.4-liter engine was only rated at 250 horsepower upon release, but it offered up 370 lb-ft of grunty torque. In 1973, 1420 eager customers ordered a manual-transmission FIrebird 455. By 1973 German models among others were beginning to dominate Camaros and Corvettes on the track. When the OPEC crisis was at full steam, beasts like this became less common on the road. 

Vintage Verde: This Trans Am’s Bold & Beautiful Charisma

Halfway through this car’s debut year, efficient (yet annoying to some!) Hondas began popping up all over the road. These iconic muscle classics were starting to be seen as dinosaurs, but they would later appreciate their deserved resurgence. The brand’s own brainchild Soichiro Honda even owned a Firebird! 

The fact that this is a longstanding relic from a bygone era just renders it more awesome. Electrification is going to change the entire state of the market, but these hefty icons are worth their weight in gold. The golden hour of the day was an opportune moment to experience the shaker hood’s pristine rumble! When Car and Driver first reviewed this car, they claimed that Uncle Sam had certified it “free of any bad manners!” 

Velocity Vanguards: Swift Machinery in 70’s Automotive Gems

Any car expert on a walk back on memory lane to 1968 can attest that it was unbridled and unparalleled! The Boss 429s, Street Hemis, and L88s were said to be as enjoyable as the finest wines on earth. They test-drove their very own Firebird Trans Am 455 at the quarter-mile at California’s Orange County Raceway.

They dialed the asphalt-pounding party up to 103.5 mph! This was phenomenal for a car from those times with an automatic transmission. This era was heavily populated with financial bean-counters who were definitely “killing the buzz” of high horsepower. A good deal of cast iron and attention to the water pump allowed this model to exist “on the books!” 

The Heart of a Beast: Unveiling the Firebird 455’s Super Duty Engine

The outside of the Firebird 455’s engine underwent a bit of a “disguising act” to appear like a standard 455 V8. The block itself was reinforced by thicker blockheads and more material in the lifter and camshaft zones. Intense forging was completed within the pistons and connecting rods. Official Pontiac testing rendered the crank “pirate-grade good!” 

With the engine pumping out a fair amount of horsepower, an 80 psi oil system is on duty to provide optimal lubricant flow. Porsche Turbos were banned while nailing down 13.7-second quarter mile times 6 years later. The power, handling, and style of this beast saw many muscle car experts claiming it as the best of its era. Here it is brought up that “having respect for your elders” is crucial when it comes to the many improvements that early muscle cars laid the groundwork for. 

Pontiac Firebird

The Last Word: Reflecting on the Pontiac Firebird 455’s Abilities

This well-rounded and resilient muscle car was a very intimidating force to be reckoned with! As cars progress and continue to add tech feature after tech feature, some very necessary elements that are already missing. Sleek and agile traits cannot always replace the thunderous appeal of a very raw persona. Overall, do you think this early classic is an amazing piece of work, or is it one that may be ready to retire on the sidelines? Let us know in the comments below, or check out another article about muscle cars that were never sold in America.

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