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Adapt and Amp Up: A Guide to Renting Electric Cars on Short Notice

You may have just pulled up to the beach, a graduation party, or another summer outing, and realized you are spending time with an electric vehicle! This may have been your intent, or perhaps you are a purist who didn’t expect to begin by checking your range meter. Checking out a guide to renting electric cars on short notice will give you some excellent operating basics

A Guide to Renting Electric Cars on Short Notice

64% of consumers surveyed last year claimed that they did not want to rent an EV due to charging logistics. Others cited not being familiar enough with the car type to feel comfortable on a trip. Under two in ten business travelers rent electric vehicles, while 18% stated high rental cost was a deterrent. Here are some tips to feel fully up to speed the first time you rent an EV.


Will My Rented EV Come Fully Charged? 

If you are planning to hop directly in your EV and cover a lot of ground, you may not have much of a guarantee on the range when you hop in. Rental companies’ main priority here is just having EVs being returned with the same level of juice they left the lot with. 

Some rental offices on the smaller side of things don’t even have chargers, which seems a bit surprising! The safest thing for any driver to do is to allocate a bit of time at a DC fast charger before you return. Dealing with the charging task is one of the reasons why some drivers are not embracing EVs instantly.

Drive, Stop, Go: Getting Used to One Pedal Driving Technology

Regenerative braking is a very efficient feature that has won over many frequent EV drivers. The motors are used to slow the vehicle and use energy that is usually wasted during drastic overheating. One-pedal driving brings the vehicle to a stop by only needing to lift off the accelerator. Getting used to the way this regen behaves can pose a bit of a learning curve.

The make of the EV you are driving and the mode you prefer will govern how noticeable this regen factor is. The Car and Driver team was great at understanding the “minor frenzy” your first leg of the trip will be! It can take a bit to get used to the feeling that the EV can make things seem “backward.” A crowded parking lot offers a few challenges when you first embark. 

Plug-In Points: How Destination Choices Shape Your EV Travel Itinerary

Seasoned car writers have learned quite a few important details about EVs during the last few years of testing. They are best fitted for around-town use, and not for cross-country hauls. If your itinerary is a bit complex and demanding, EVs are still in a new enough state to exist within an intense learning curve. Electrification is a bit misrepresented  in this regard! 

During the research and development phases, many engineers were thrilled about the prospect of taking an EV on multi-state treks. Industry execs who were so very adamant about electric cars being useful for vacations were a bit overzealous! The average driver who takes on about a 15-mile per-day round trip is still the biggest benefactor of this developing technology. 

From Frustration to Fulfillment: Simplifying the EV Charging Experience

Most EVS have an in-dash navigation setup that will guide you to charging stations after you hit the road. A Better Route Planner is a very useful smartphone app that can provide you with an excellent alternative. This option is a straightforward means of setting the initial charge state, and even hone in on your minimum charge point for arrival.

Booking a hotel room is another area of EV driving that has room for improvement. You may arrive with a road-weary companion in tow just to find the charging station already occupied. Teslas acquired from Hertz are eligible for use on the Supercharger network. One important thing to keep in mind here is that completing a final charge needs to fit into your schedule. 

The EV Revolution: Is Your Lifestyle Ready for the Ride?

If you are curious about how a trip would go with an EV, renting one in your hometown is a great start. A detailed test drive before your itinerary relies on your experience can be a practical choice. It can be so much easier for you to know how the EV performs daily before diving in completely! 

What do you think of renting electric cars on any extended trips you would plan? Is it worth what some feel is a bit of a hassle to embrace grid-powered driving? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or check out another article about electric car batteries.

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