DIY car detailing

Amazing DIY Car Detailing Techniques

For many drivers, the car wash is their go-to destination for vehicle detailing. Sure it saves you time, but not always money. Above all, there is no guaranteeing the job is done right. I’m sure many of you have driven away from a local gas station or top-rated car wash wondering, “Did I really just pay for that?”. Fortunately, there are amazing DIY car detailing techniques that won’t leave you dissatisfied with your next visit to the car wash.

Plus, there is nothing quite like putting the time and effort into making your ride appear top-notch. Therefore, we’ve gathered a list of the best DIY car detailing techniques to try out yourself.

How to achieve the best DIY car detailing

Whether you choose to do an at-home wash or follow-up your next car wash visit with some DIY detailing, these tips will have your vehicle looking and feeling brand new. 

Wipe clean dusty air vents

It’s easy to wipe clean the dashboard and high-touch surfaces like steering wheel, infotainment screens, and shifters. However, to achieve a truly clean interior, the air vents need some dusting.

We recommend buying a paint sponge online and using this tool to effectively trap all the dust being collected in your vents. Not only is this

Say farewell to window streaks with this DIY car detailing hack

One of the biggest complaints by car enthusiasts is dealing with streaky windows after a wash. A lot of times car washes are rushing to get to the next car on rotation, leaving less detail and attention on making sure the windows are completely dry. 

Luckily, this DIY car detailing tip will change everything. All you need are two household items: a newspaper and vinegar. We recommend gloves and a spray bottle too for easy cleaning. Just mix equal parts vinegar with water and see how effectively the newspaper material works to eliminate tricky streaking.

When you love your pet but are tired of the hair

Dog shedding can wreck havoc on your car interior, especially during certain seasons of the year. If you’re the type of pet owner that loves to bring their furry friend everywhere they go, then they know this struggle all too well. Sometimes even a vacuum cannot fully eliminate piece of hair or dander spread throughout your car. And its worth mentioning that you won’t always have access to a heavy-duty vacuum.

A simple trick to help pick up the hair is using a pair of rubber gloves. It might sound crazy but this DIY car detailing hack works well in most interiors. In particular, cloth seats that tend to collect particles more easily.

Carpet cleaner for your tough stains

When the stains get tough, the tough gets going. You have no option but to take things into your own hands. Depending on the type of car wash, you’ll see either great results or less than desired carpet cleaning efforts. To keep things squeaky clean, try out a upholstery carpet cleaner at home.

DIY car detailing

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The car wash might try their best, but sometimes it takes a little bit of extra scrubbing and more one-on-one time to get rid of the tough stains. Keep utilizing the product.

Fresh and clean is what we need

Keeping your car in tip top shape is the best way to maintain its longevity. With new car prices skyrocketing every month, more buyers will be inclined to keep their current vehicle for a longer period of time. The good news is it doesn’t cost much to keep your ride looking fresh. These DIY car detailing tips or products all fall under the $20 mark. Thereby, no driver should worry about whether their next car wash will be worth it or not. The bottom line: just do-it-yourself!


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