Money might be tight and social distancing might be tough, but don’t forget about your car — it needs some love too.

“These are unprecedented times…” How many times have you heard that phrase in the past couple of months? Many times, probably. But, it’s an accurate statement to make. We happen to be living through a major historical event called “Coronavirus.” Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has taken the world by storm, affecting us all, and infecting millions of people. Some of us are out of work, wondering how we will be able to pay for rent. Others are staying a safe distance away from everyone else, being as careful as possible not to contract the illness. 

Corona has put a pause on how we live our lives. But, our cars still need upkeep. 

During times like this, it’s important to save money. Whether or not you currently have a job, this sort of phenomenon reminds us that saving money is an essential part of living. Being frugal and mindful of how you spend will save you in the long run, lessening your stress and giving you a more peaceful state of mind while we all get through this.

There are a number of ways to save money during the Coronavirus, especially when it comes to your car. Let us help you spot a few.

New parts

Depending on your car’s age, how you drive it, and how many accidents it’s been involved in, your car may need new parts. For example, if you brake too late at a stoplight, and there’s someone ahead of you, you may hit them lightly. A “tap,” so to speak. When this happens, it’s likely you’ll need to replace your bumper or your headlights. Or, maybe your neighbor trips and falls on the hood of your car, putting a dent in it and cracking one of your headlights. Weirder things happen every day.

If you experience damage to your car, specifically your car’s headlights, you’ve got to fix this right away. If you damage your car and you continue to use it, the damage will worsen. That means you’ll end up paying more money down the line if you don’t replace the broken parts right away. Fixing these problems doesn’t have to be costly. There are a number of ways to bring the cost of your car’s damage down during Corona. For instance, shop around, comparing prices. The internet has every possible resource you could imagine. Comparing prices of headlights from one website to another will help you find the best options, at the best prices. What seems like a small crack now may end up growing in size later. Be diligent and get your headlights fixed before you run into more expensive issues!

A clean car

This one is the easiest, most affordable way to give your car some love during the Coronavirus pandemic. Aren’t you bored? Maybe you’re running out of things to do. You can only go on a run so many times, and you can only stare at your phone for so long. Next time you’re bored, go out to your car and clean it! It’s as simple as that. Giving your car’s interior and exterior a good cleaning will help you pass the time and help keep up your car’s appearance and value. Also, cleaning will remove germs, which might stop you and your family from contracting Coronavirus! It’s a win-win. Keeping a clean car isn’t just about looks — removing the dirt, oil, and grease that builds up on your car will give it a longer life, which saves you money.

Making a budget

I mean, hey, if you’ve got some free time on your hands’ thanks to Corona and you want to do something productive, make a budget. This is a simple, yet effective way of reducing costs and helping you save as much money as possible. Use Microsoft Excel if you want to get really fancy, or try an app like Mint or YNAB. If you want to keep it super simple, just make a simple spending list on your phone or computer and keep track of your spending (make sure you add in your car’s new headlights or tail lights… or really any car part you need to replace for that matter). It’s as easy as that, and your future self will thank you for being financially responsible. 

Think twice

Now, this tip goes for every facet of your life during Corona… Before you purchase something, ask yourself whether or not you need it. It’s easy to become bored and start buying pointless things to entertain yourself. But, for many people, money isn’t coming in as often as it had just a few weeks ago before quarantine began and before Coronavirus made its worldwide debut. So, the next time you are on your phone and browsing through Amazon and you go to click “Buy Now,” simply check twice with yourself and make sure you’re not spending too much money. We don’t know when all of this is going to be over, so it’s better to be safe than sorry! A little here and a little there goes a long way. 

Linzi Martin
Linzi Martin has worked as a content manager, consultant, and writer for the past six years. She's handled everything from blogs and articles to e-books and social media content. Her work has been featured in various publications including Apartment Guide, The Startup, and Voyage Magazine. Outside of work, Linzi enjoys staying active, frequenting new restaurants around South Florida, and spending time with her family.

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    1. I have used this time to do many things to my car. It has been good and bad In a way, but glad I am healthy and safe being in the USA.

    2. Sometimes saving money is as simple as doing it yourself. Whether it is a car wash or looking up youtube videos for how to change your headlights yourself. A lot of things that we may pay others to do is easier than we think. Fixing something yourself can also give you great pride in your belongings.

    3. This is a good read. During these trying times its so easy to want to overspend to pass the time. Sitting down and creating a budget is a much more productive way of spending all of this new found extra time.

    4. Definitely spot on! So easy to spend too much especially now. Being mindful of our spending habits will definitely be beneficial in the long run.

    5. The making a budget tip, though, is useful for all kinds of planning.

    6. Now may be the best time to go over some things you neglected on your car all year. Doesn’t mean you have to “ball out of budget” but you can always upgrade or give some needed TLC.

    7. Many websites have options to pay over time. You can get what you want now, and make bi-weekly payments with not interest.

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