best cars for tall people

Best Cars for Tall People

Looking for a vehicle with roomy interiors and plenty of legroom? We’ll admit, there are a wide range of makes and models that fit the bill. Modern cars simply have more head and legroom compared to decades ago. Which means, tall people have a greater chance of finding a new or used model that won’t cramp their style or their legs while driving. Though the market is so diverse, there are certain trucks and SUVs that tend to accommodate tall people better than others. The following list details the best cars for tall people in 2022 in hopes of steering you in the right direction.

What cars are best for tall drivers?

Overall, these models offer the greatest variety of features for tall people. One of the most important being sufficient head and leg room to ensure a comfortable ride. 

Ford Bronco Sport: $27,265

The Ford Bronco has won over the hearts of drivers for nearly decades. However, the newest models (2021-2022) rank as one of the best compact SUVs for interior comfort and off-road capabilities. With five passenger seating and impressive cargo capacity, this model fares well against the competition. It’s well-built and most importantly, delivers a roomy and all-around favorable front seat cabin space.

Front headroom: 41.5 inches

Front legroom: 42.4 inches

Tesla Model X: $98,940

The Model X is no small investment, however, if money allows, it is one of the roomiest electric vehicles on the car market. Tall drivers will love the minimalist yet spacious cabin space as well as the standard all-wheel drive and quick acceleration. By all means, the Tesla Model X is a fun ride, reaching 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

Front headroom: 41.7 inches

Front legroom: 41.1 inches

Nissan Pathfinder: $33,410

After receiving a total redesign in 2022, the Nissan Pathfinder seemingly regained our attention, mostly in part for being a great family-size vehicle. With a spacious cabin that fits up to eight passengers and plenty of head- and legroom for adults in the front, this model was strategically built to accommodate multi-sized passengers. Notable safety features come standard along with features we love, such as driver drowsiness monitoring and automatic high beams.

Front headroom: 42.3 inches

Front legroom: 44.3 inches

Cadillac Escalade: $79,295

The Cadillac Escalade is one of those models that remains a favorite, even as the market converts to electric manufacturing. In fact, there was a point in automotive history when the Escalade was known as the roomiest and most luxurious SUV available, and even today it still lives up to those qualities. With comfortable synthetic leather seating, expansive cargo space, and ample safety and car tech, we consider this model one of the best cars for tall people. Only downside really is it lacks in fuel-efficiency.

Front headroom: 42.3 inches

Front legroom: 44.5 inches

Chevrolet Traverse: $33,700

Oftentimes, it’s hard to find a vehicle that is affordable and spacious enough for drivers on the taller side. Fortunately, the Chevrolet Traverse delivers on all aspects. This midsize SUV seats up to eight passengers, with adults having no trouble settling in to the first two rows. This model comes equipped with the most sought-after driver-assist technologies and available all-wheel drive for like the versatility.

Front headroom: 42.8 inches

Front legroom: 41.01 inches

In our opinion, there is a vehicle for every type of driver. If you happen to be on the taller side and are in desperate need of a car that will satisfy your space requirements, check out these five models mentioned above. No matter your price range or safety requirements, tall people have several options to choose from nowadays!

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