practical things for your car

5 Practical Things For Your Car That Other Drivers Swear By

Have you ever thought, “What things should I put in my car?“. Or perhaps, “What should I not keep in my car?“. These questions fill the minds of many drivers each year looking for ways to improve the overall function and utility of their vehicles. Which is sometimes not so easy a task. For those who spend hours on the road at a time, it’s likely you view your vehicle more as a second home rather than a means of transportation. Though it may be hard to bring the comforts of home within the confinements of your interior cabin, there are practical things for your car that can completely transform your experience behind the wheel.

In this post, we’ll analyze and review some of the most useful products to keep handy.

5 practical things for cars you wish you bought sooner

Disclaimer: Each of the products below are affordable and easy to find online or at your local auto part store. 

Headlight restoration kit

Every car owner will experience the deterioration of vehicle headlamps throughout the course of ownership. Between weather effects and age, your headlight bulbs will start to dim and loose efficacy over time. For safety reasons, it’s crucial that your vehicle’s headlights be in optimal condition to ensure clear visibility at night. For these reasons, we recommend that every driver invest in a headlight restoration kit for the times you’re not in need of a total replacement.

A consumer favorite is the CERAKOTE Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit. Priced at $17.88, drivers can put their trust in this top-rated product to get the job done. With lifetime warranty and advanced UV protection, you have all the tools you need in this one convenient kit to restore your headlamps back to former glory.

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Car duster

Dust build-up is not uncommon no matter the type of vehicle you drive. From a dusty dashboard to pollen film on the exterior, you’ll find there’s time when you wish you had the right type of cloth to wipe down these surfaces. Fortunately, drivers will find an assortment of quality car duster products on Amazon, Target, and other retail brands.

Among the products we’ve tried, one of the staff favorites happens to be the Relentless Drive Car Duster. With an extendable handle, you’ll have no trouble reaching hard-to-reach areas. Not to mention, the premium microfiber material makes it a breeze to wipe off pollen, dust, and debris buildup from any place in or on your vehicle.

practical things for your car

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Blind spot mirror

Now that new car tech has made avoiding blind spot collisions an easier feat, driver’s might not see the value in a blind spot mirror. However, this simple yet effective car accessories shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially for car owners who drive vehicles without driver assist features like blind spot avoidance and lane keep. Among our list of practical things for your car, this happens to be the most affordable.

Amazon favorite, Ampper Blind Spot Mirror, retails for just $6.97 and includes a pack of 2. With over 18,000 ratings, this blind spot mirror guarantees a universal fit for all vehicles and helps drivers better anticipate their surroundings when possibly changing a lane.

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Stowaway trash can

When you’re on the go often, it’s possible you spend more time in your vehicle than you’d like to admit. And sometimes, that even means life gets messy. From lunch breaks to coffee spills, having an easily accessible trash can is simply a must. At the same time, you don’t want to purchase something that will stick out within your interior cabin.

That’s why we always recommend the HOTOR Car Trash Can that comes equipped with a protective lid and storage on the sides. This practical car product usually goes on sale and retails for as little as $9.99. It’s durable, leak-proof and collapsible for those days you need to move it from one spot to the next.

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Frost guard windshield cover

For drivers who live in inclement weather conditions, snowy windshields have the potential to put a major delay in your day to day schedule. Thanks to frost guard technology, car owners can avoid any disruption by placing this durable and protective cover over their windshield.

While you’ll find a ton of brands online to choose from, we’ve heard great things about the Ecotour Car Windshield Cover. This impressive buy provides protection from all types of snowy elements, such as ice, hail, sleet, and even snowstorms. Reviewers rave over the 600D Oxford material that doesn’t saturate, so storing this windshield cover in your trunk is never a problem. Overall, scrapping windshields is a thing owing to the effectiveness of this automotive product.

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Thanks for reading our list on the most practical things for your car! To learn more DIY tricks, check out our feature on the best tire shine products in 2022.

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