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Decrease Your Accident Risk With These Headlight Safety Tips

Nowadays with advanced safety tech and driver assist technologies, drivers can feel more at ease knowing their car has their back on the road. But without certain car parts operating correctly, your chance of a car accident or injury increases. While oil changes and tire rotations are commonly at the top of driver’s maintenance list, headlights tend to fall low on priority. As headlight enthusiasts, we’ve gathered our best headlight safety tips that every driver should consider in 2022.

Keep reading to learn important tips and reminders for maintaining your headlamps.

Follow these important headlight safety tips:

Keep your headlights squeaky clean

Clear visibility should be your main objective when it comes to headlight care. If you notice your headlights have a grimy or yellowish tint, that means you’re well overdue for a proper cleaning. Start by purchasing a headlight restoration kit or give a DIY hack a try. Whatever method you choose, the outcome should be a squeaky clean appearance. Since headlight lifespan may vary, you may be in need of a complete replacement.

Don’t wait to replace a burnt out bulb

Driving with one working headlight is not only dangerous, it can cause damage to your car. With this in mind, don’t wait to repair or replace a burnt out bulb. If you’re not up for the task yourself, take your vehicle to the nearest repair shop or service station to fix the problem.

Ways to protect your headlights

Even with the best technology, years of wear and tear and oxidation break down your lenses protective barrier. Luckily there are a few ways to keep your headlamps better guarded from dirt and residue buildup.

Tip #1: Always park in covered areas and away from the sun (garages, carports, etc.)

Tip #2: Apply surface protectant to protect headlamps from overexposure to UV rays, dust, and debris

Tip #3: Wash your car at least every two weeks (the recommended minimum)

Keep these headlight safety tips in mind

About 3 million people are injured in a car accident each year. On top of that, the number of deaths resulting from an accident have increased by 18%. As can be seen, your car can only do so much to keep you safe. Even with Driver Assist technologies, the risk of an accident is still prevalent. It is also the driver’s responsibility to engage in attentive driving behavior and maintain his/her vehicle. Overall, we hope these headlight safety tips encourage our readers to take a moment or two to assess the current condition of their vehicle’s headlamps.

If you’re in need of a replace, Headlights Depot has got you covered!

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