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Palm-Sized Pop Culture Icons: The 2023 Hot Wheels Vintage Oil Collection

Setting aside some shelf or display space and preparing to begin your own Hot Wheels collection is fun at any age! It is a hobby that doesn’t put too much pressure on your wallet, and you can find them for sale everywhere. If you want to build up an impressive display, there are a few key elements to look for. The 2023 Hot Wheels Vintage Oil Collection is one of the latest and greatest to recently hit the market, The 2023 Hot Wheels Vintage Oil Collection.

Debuting in 1968 and originally intended for children and young adults, mulling over this iconic brand’s toys is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. Creator Elliot Handler had found his son playing with Matchbox cars and wanted to create a competing line. His very first set was known as the Original Sweet 16, which all had a red pinstripe on the side. One of the successful initial Beach Bomb prototypes was the VW Type 2 bus. With two telltale and ready-to-carve surfboards sticking out the back window, these models can be worth up to
$600. 1970 was an incredibly successful year for the brand. This second year of life was when the “go with the winner” slogan was introduced. With striking detail and many exciting track variations, this brand is the ideal gift for loyal fans.

Here are the five unique diecast models that make up the Hot Wheels Vintage Oil Collection:

Hot Wheels Vintage

The Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus:

The Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus was designed by Jun Imai in 2012, originally sporting a Hershey’s candy label on the side. There are 24 different versions of this release on the market. This is considered by true experts as one of the most remarkable and detailed models ever made. It has been a moving billboard for many iconic namesakes.

Universal Monsters, Grateful Dead, The Muppets, Super Mario Bros, Star Trek, and Scooby-Doo have been just a few icons that have graced the side. We love the retro vibe of this model, and have seen one seller on eBay asking for over $700 for a collection of 18 of these in mind condition. The green-on-white contrast and the RR Steelie rims give this model a personality that feels like it could be straight from the Leone classic film “Once Upon a Time in America.”

The Custom ’62 Chevy Pickup:

Castrol’s headquarters is in the UK, but the Custom ’62 Chevy Pickup changes things up to a scenario of Hoosier-and corn-rich Indiana. Lucas Oil produces a premium line of oils, greases, and excellent problem-solving additives with pride. The red and white finish here is a perfect match for the color scheme.

This custom ’62 Chevy Pickup is just a bit older than the T1 Panel Bus. It first hit the market in 2008. 2017 saw a thorough packet refresh, and there are 33 different varieties now available. This is an excellent example of a bow-tie brand favorite that can fetch a hefty sum when under the guise of a Collectors Convention Edition. We love the taut front end and wholehearted throwback to a simpler era with full-service gas attendants and diners with amazing milkshakes!

The Combat Medic:

This is the oldest casting in the collection. It comes equipped with a signature Larry Wood design in 1986. This is a reissue of the 1977 Letter Getter, which was sizzling on the track as “Star Warsdominated the silver screen. This model also sees its origins as a “US Mail” truck and offers a good mix of mainline and premium models.

There was even a very cool frontside-grind king’s Tony Hawk version of the combat medic! Skateboarding’s bona fide champion was the pioneer of so many high-octane tricks that it only makes sense to have a Hot Wheels model under his belt. We admit that, in essence, a delivery van may not seem as exciting as a Corvette Stingray. But, this is a piece that wonderfully and singlehandedly tells the story of an iconic and industrial all-American period.

Haulin Gas:

The Hot Wheels line is inspired by cars of all ages. But we admit, the ones from the early ‘70s are some of our favorites! This petrol-motivating number closely resembles an old Greyhound and is just shy of a century old. The subject in question here is a 1933 Diamond T Doodlebug, employed by Texaco years ago and represented with this Premium-exclusive model.

There are 15 different iterations, with 202 seeing another Vintage Oil edition. The orange, blue, and white color combination renders this our favorite model of the collection. Other cars of the times such as the 1930 Cadillac V-16 were some of the most luxurious cars of the decade. Swooping side lines, running boards, and sidestepping from a very carriage-appearing look defined this era.

Hot Wheels Vintage

The Datsun 620:

The trusty Datsun 620 is one of the newer castings featured in This cool assortment. There have been 20 variations since 2014, and you can still scoop one up for less than $40 these days. The newest version sports a Motul livery that will be familiar to drift and motorcycle road racing lovers. This would be a great standalone diorama piece! Its appearance may not be show-stealing, but is still awesome nonetheless.

In real life, the design of this truck stood the test of time, with lines that flowed quite well visually. It was launched at a time when the world was in dire need of efficient trucks for back-and-forth daily hauling. They possessed a very adored underdog luster. And shortly after, gained a reputation for being very tough for their weight. This pickup had the efficiency category so well-mastered that it could even pass the California Emissions test!

Want to get your hands on the 2023 Hot Wheels Vintage Oil Collection?

What do you think of the latest Hot Wheels collector’s set? Most retailers holding Hot Wheels stock can order this set for you. EBay is another good bet. There you can find one for around $50. Tell us what you think of this assortment in the comments below. Or check out another article about some of the coolest cars to ever steal the show on the movie screen!

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