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The Art of Customizing Your Truck

Take a look at the current prices for a brand-new pickup truck, and you know it’s quite an investment. If you’re willing to shell out the money for a new RAM 1500, Ford F-150, or Toyota Tundra, you want to make sure you love it just as much for the next few years. Customization is a critical component for most truck buyers. They customize the look and function of their new truck to fit the way they use it. Here are some of the most important considerations you may want to include when customizing your truck.

Bed customization

Keep your truck bed from getting damaged with a bed liner. You can choose from a spray-on, drop-in or a bed mat. No matter which option you prefer, it’s a good investment to protect the paint and the materials of the bed. A spray-on is the most affordable while a bed mat provides the most protection.

To go with the bed liner, you may want to consider a tonneau cover. This cover protects anything you’re carrying in the bed from the weather. You’ll have to decide between a hard and soft cover. Within these two categories, you can choose a roll or fold up cover or one that retracts automatically. You can also select a hatch style that has hinges. The option you select will depend partly on how much you use it and how much you want to pay.

If you plan to keep your bed covered most or all of the time, a canopy may be the better answer. This cover is larger than a tonneau and allows you to fit more stuff inside. They are also usually lockable, which is important if you carry tools or other gear.

Towing help

If you’re buying a truck, you probably plan on doing some hauling or towing with it. You’ll want to add a towing package to get the most out of your vehicle. The package will include some type of towing wiring, a hitch, and cooling to help the engine work harder. You may also need special brakes and suspension.

A trailer brake controller is an important accessory if you plan to do a lot of hauling. The controller helps the trailer to slow down and stop, making for easier control. You’ll want to check the capability of the controller to manage the weight of your trailer.

Towing mirrors become essential if you tow on a regular basis. These mirrors widen the viewing area, so you can see around your trailer and alongside. Some mirrors even fold out of the way when not in use. Backup cameras for towing help you see as you hitch up.

Other accessories for customizing your truck

Once you have the basic functions of the truck taken care of, you can think about other accessories to add. For instance, running boards add style and functionality at the same time. They are almost essential if you decide to lift your truck or if kids are climbing in. They also enhance the look of the truck with chrome or black detail to contrast the rest of the vehicle. In our opinion, this is one of the best tips for customizing your truck. 

You’ll also find dozens of wheel designs for pickups, so you want to pick out something that fits your personality and needs. Bigger wheels give you lift and add muscle to the look of the truck. Just don’t forget that changing wheel size can impact your speedometer and fuel efficiency.

Mudflaps serve a practical purpose for your truck by deflecting rocks and other road debris from under the truck. They also add to the hardworking image of the pickup and the chance to display some of your personality with special wording and designs.

There are many other accessories you can add to your truck, but you should think about which ones will enhance your ownership and use the most. Price your accessories or consider adding them to the truck from the factory the next time you buy a new model.


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