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The Pros and Cons of Buying on Carvana

These days, buying online is second nature. With Amazon and e-commerce businesses within easy reach, buyers can purchase just about anything from the convenience of their home. So, why not purchase a car online? While many small businesses suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, Carvana experienced a rise in sales. Buying on Carvana became the easiest choice as the world shutdown and spending time in a car dealership was merely too risky. 

Aside from safety, its utility does not disappoint. Just imagine your dream car being delivered right to your driveway. No dealership, no haggling, no in-person exposure. Just simple, straightforward service. Carvana makes this happen. The more we’ve thought about this new way to buy, the more we’ve realized there must be some underlying disadvantages to consider. That is why we’ve analyzed the pros and cons of buying on Carvana, in hope that all interested buyers will have the right information before securing a deal.   

Pros of buying on Carvana

The concept of Carvana was met with hesitation upon its first introduction to the automotive market. The mention of car vending machines sounded all too cool, but was it realistic? Today, many buyers can attest that the ease and convenience of their services are top-notch. Here are the advantages to consider when buying from Carvana:

  • Assorted car selection
  • Seven day return policy, money-back guarantee
  • 360-degree images of every vehicle 
  • Free oil change

Not every buyer will have the same experience, but these pros make buying online worth it. Watch this video of one drivers’ personal account of buying a Chrysler minivan from Carvana.

Cons of buying on Carvana

With Carvana, buyers know exactly what they are getting. At least to some extent, they know they are buying a quality car with Carfax report. However, there are a few shortcomings that all potential shoppers should remain weary of before signing the dotted line. The most noteworthy disadvantages are as followed:

  • No option to test drive before you buy
  • Limited quantity per capita 
  • Free delivery is only available within certain mileage 
  • Slightly higher price tags in comparison to dealerships

With these cons in mind, you might begin to second guess your decision to buy a car online. Yet, the money-back guarantee policy makes it easier for buyers to give Carvana a chance. While no buyer should go into a deal with the intention of returning, Carvana’s awesome return policy gives consumers some room to breathe.

Here’s a perfect example:

Let’s say the RAV-4 you’re buying arrives in pristine condition, but after seeing it in person you become a little worried about its size. Was a compact SUV the right choice? After a few days of driving, you might come to the realization that you need a bigger ride for your family. Possibly one with a larger cargo space. In this instance, you can take advantage of Carvana’s exchange or refund process. 

You can learn more about Carvana’s 7-day money back guarantee by visiting their website. There you’ll see the basic guidelines to follow if you’re doubting your purchase.

Is car delivery right for you?

If you’re a person that dreads car shopping, the Carvana app is the right choice. Once the app is downloaded, you can browse and compare cars online. The best part — at whatever time and place works best for you. No need to worry about dealership hours or days off from work. You can simply narrow down your choices and do the financing online. You can even trade in your old vehicle as part of the deal.

The reason buying on Carvana works is because it is a safe and convenient option for the modern buyer. Dealing with the reality of a pandemic has put a lot of buyers in a new perspective. Many have already come to understand that buying a car online can be just as easy as your next Amazon purchase. With a few details and one final click, a new car will be at your house within 48 hours. 

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. After you absorb the pros and cons of buying on Carvana versus buying at the dealership, you can move forward with your next car purchase. There is no right or wrong answer, but the good news is you have more options today than ever before.

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