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Top Automotive Tools To Keep Stocked in Your Garage

As a car owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your vehicle in good condition. From minor cosmetic care to time-consuming fixes, there’s a lot to unpack and several working car parts to keep tabs on. Fortunately, with the right tools and experience, you can generally face any type of situation that may arise in relation to your car. Here, in this guide, we’ll walk you through the top automotive tools to have on hand in your garage for when things go awry.

Top automotive tools for quick fixes

Jumper cables

These black and red cables are typically your saving grace when you become stranded with a dead battery. We’ll go as far to say that this automotive tool is one of the most crucial items to have stocked, if not the most. While it’s recommended to keep jumper cables in your trunk for roadside emergencies, why not have a spare pair readily available at your home? That way, any person who finds themselves stuck with a dead battery in your driveway will be glad they found themselves at your house.

Multi-drive wrench

Most automotive enthusiasts know a wrench is among the most useful tools to have on standby for unbolting screws or lug nuts. Awhile back, you’d usually have to amass a collection of different sized wrenches to meet your automotive needs. Now, thanks to a bit of innovation, a multi-drive wrench is the way to go. This automotive tool can work on a wide variety of fasteners, making it easy to adjust to any situation. Not to mention, its compact size frees up storage in your work space.

A set of pry tools

Pry tools are extra handy for when you need to fix minor damages to your car. These convenient hand tools are designed with angled or flattened ends that makes separating or removing objects a breeze. By allowing for just enough force, car owners can tackle small maintenance and repair jobs without leading to further damage. In our opinion, the best place to get quality grade pry tools is   on Amazon, where a number of small kits are for sale.

Hood light

Garages aren’t known for being the most well-lit spaces within a home. And sometimes, when you’re working under the hood, it can be difficult to spot leaks  or erosion without the proper lighting. To help ease this situation, a hood light is the perfect addition to your garage. Not only do these LED lights do an excellent job of illuminating the entire engine compartment, they are also easy to attach for a hands-free experience.

Drain pan and flexible funnel

Swapping out dirty liquids is arguably the simplest DIY task you can do for your car. Yet, to get the process down right, you’ll need top automotive tools that are  designed for changing oils and liquids. First, you need a drain pan. This item is an economical and straightforward solution to catching the old oil as it pours out of your car. It’s also a safe and easy way to dispose of your oil properly. In addition, consider purchasing a flexible funnel that can mold and fit within a vehicle’s oil filter cap.

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