7 Reasons to Buy a Saab EV

Saab has always been synonymous with safety and quality engineering. Unfortunately, it met its demise in the early 2010s. It was always controlled by several car manufacturing companies since it was acquired by General Motors in 1990. But Saab’s return to car manufacturing through the electric car company New Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) gives the brand a chance to make a mark on its own terms.

The release of “The Emily GT” shows that Saab should not be considered a 90s automotive brand that failed but yet a brand known for excellent engineering and innovative designs.

The Emily GT is powered by a huge 175-kilowatt-hour battery pack giving it an incredible driving range of 600 miles. It has a quad motor set-up using in-wheel  electric motors. Each motor will produce 121 horsepower giving the car a combined total of 484 horsepower. This is an impressive power figure that some of the leading automobile manufacturers would be proud to offer.

The specs

This EV offers true torque vectoring, which gives it incredible handling that many cars of its caliber do not possess. Also, positing the motors inside the wheels increases the efficiency of “the Emily GT” as there is less mechanical friction. In addition, the wheel motors give the vehicle a solid overall feeling. As there is additional weight to the car, the Saab engineers counteracted that by adding an excellent chassis with air suspension.

Along with the Emily GT, NEVS and Saab are planning a high-performance variant of this EV. This high-performance version would contain an even greater horsepower of 653 and 1623 foot-pounds of torque. It would have a 0-60mph of 3.2 seconds, over 1 second shorter than the original Emily EV.

The sleek exterior design resembles the Saab’s final vehicles, the Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5. This design was developed by an Italian automotive designer in collaboration with Saab engineers.

Originally, twenty prototypes were scheduled to be built by NEVS, but in 2020, the Evergrande Group, which owns NEVS, ran into financial issues, and they only managed to produce six of the Emily EVs.

Unfortunately, having been unable to secure a buyer, the automotive company NEVS was put into hibernation by the Evergrande Group. Most of its employees were laid off as a result. As Saab hits another bump in its story, let’s reflect back on the groundbreaking designs of the past decades and the reasons why we’d love to have the opportunity to buy a Saab EV.

Impressive Exterior Design

The exterior of Saab vehicles was known to be sleek and modern, making them very popular. They have a talent for understanding the beat on the street and what the everyday consumer wants and needs from their vehicles. It always succeeded in creating an impressive-looking car. Even its latest design, The Emily EV, would pique any car enthusiast’s interest.

2. Experience in Aviation

Saab was not only known for creating popular cars but also aircraft and fighter jets. It gives them an edge when developing vehicles as they have a greater knowledge of aerodynamics and powertrains. Saab’s aviation division is still operational and successful.

3. High-Quality Engineering

Saab vehicles always had high-quality engineering in their car’s interior and exterior. Within a Saab, shakes and rattles, along with road sound and engine noises, are all at a minimum. If they used this reputation as being silent and sturdy to develop a range of electric vehicles, they would be some of the best well-built EVs on the market.

4. Safety Features

When operational, Saab has one of the best safety ratings for an automotive manufacturing company on a global scale. With electric vehicles and Hybrid cars on the rise, Saab could put fears like the flammable properties of lithium-ion battery packs to rest.

5. Strong Reputation for Producing Reliable Vehicles

Saab is known for producing long-lasting powertrains. With the new electric technology taking over the automobile industry, having a brand knowledgable in powertrains would help consumers move from traditional combustion engines to the latest technology.

6. Strong Market Competition

During its peak in the 1980s and 1990s, Saab sold over one million units of its Uber-popular 900 range. This global success made it one of that era’s most successful automotive companies. Therefore, Saab has the knowledge and innovation to manufacture vehicles that appeal to the masses. The new EV would increase the brand’s appeal once again.

7. Innovation

They have always been a leading company when it comes to ICE innovation. Some of the innovations that Saab developed that are now standard in most cars are features like seatbelts, heated seats, variable compression system, and the first turbo-charger with a waste gate to control boost. They were also integral in creating and streamlining the modern combustion engine.

Hopefully, in due time, Saab will have another opportunity to use the valuable information and techniques it has reminded through the many decades to delight the automotive industry with a new range of electric vehicles. Many car enthusiasts were elated at the prospect of “The Emily EV” hitting the market. Now we just have to wait and see.

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    1. I know the Saab engineers will do a Great Job-I’m a REAL Saab lover( not Saabrolet)-so keep GM away and the Swedes will thrive!
      -so long E-LON!

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