Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers

Load and Behold: Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers for 2024

The summer roadtrip is a classic family pastime and is often marked by the moments spent marking the miles with those closest to you. But when you encounter a reality check, it seems like there’s never quite enough room for everything you’re bringing along. Our best rooftop cargo carriers for 2024 list offers something for every traveler! 

Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers for 2024

All of your luggage, adventure gear, and gifts for those on the receiving end could be easily carried on the roof! Today’s SUVs may simply not have enough room for all of the goods your journey requires. Hitch cargo carriers are a great solution if you’re properly equipped. For the rest of those getting ready to hit the road, a rooftop carrier could be ideal. 

Trust the Insight: Good Housekeeping Figures Out the Best

The Good Housekeeping Institute has been recommending consumer products for over a century! To complete this test, their scientists and testers evaluated carriers, bags, racks, and rooftop pods to uncover the best. dimensions and versatility were the first items to closely examine.

This group then mounted these goods on cars and put them to use. These editors and testers were concerned with the gear’s performance during everyday travel. Usability, ease of installation, storage capacity, and convenience were this list’s defining criteria. After weeks of dutiful research, the list was narrowed down with the following road-ready results! 

The Yakima SkyBox NX 18:

This clever accessory was selected because of its very durable build. It’s also available in a 16-foot cubic model and is ideal for hauling snowboards. It is expensive but boasts many worthwhile features. The back of the pod is tapered, which provides excellent hatch clearance.

Yakima’s Same Key Systemuses one key to unlock every product. The installation process is a breeze, and its high-gloss finish is quite attractive. The dual-side openings and inner tie-down points render this an excellent and adventure-ready choice.

The Thule Force XT XL:

This carrier comes poised and ready from one of the most trusted brands in the industry! It has a very aerodynamic build. The GHI testers were able to squeeze seven pairs of skis in. When they upped the acceleration factor, there was still nearly no wind noise! 

The Thule’s quick-mount system has an excellent “PowerClickdesign. One tester found it necessary to add wingbars to her Volvo XC90 for proper mounting of this model. The process was still not a burden, and this model has an undeniable appeal for excursion enthusiasts!

The JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier:

The JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier enjoys its high-ranking position as one of the largest-capacity cargo carriers in the winner’s circle. It also boasts the convenience of being one of the deepest for getting the most out of each haul! It also features options that many more expensive models do such as dual-sided access and a very watertight build. 

This carrier is ideal for camping gear, suitcases, but not for golf clubs or skis. Your vehicle’s crossbars have to be exactly 24 inches apart, which could require the installation of an aftermarket crossbar. This is an excellent option if you know rooftop storage is a must and a softer cargo bag is not adequate.

The Inno Wedge 660:

The Inno Wedge is the coolest means of transport on the market for thin items! It rises just 9.6 inches above the roof rack, offering 11 cubic feet of cargo space. That may seem a bit limiting, but it is perfect for skis and snowboards. 

Even though this model is a bit more expensive, It is very eye-catching! Its design blends nicely with any newer SUV’s stance. The very strong and durable ABS plastic lid is top-notch for weather resistance. The mounting hardware included requires a 1-time setup only. 

The Arksen Universal Roof Rack:

The Arksen Universal Roof Rack looks a bit battalion-grade, BUT it holds up to 150 pounds! Its specific grade of powder coating is great for corrosion resistance. It’s just six inches high, and will mount to any vehicle with four simple U-bolts on top of roof rack crossbars. 

The sharp-angled front panel works overtime to cut down on constant wind noise from above. This model is suitable for carrying camping supplies, firewood, hunting and fishing gear, and luggage. Arksen accessories help you make the most of your road trips, with an excellent track record for durability and safety. 

Final Insights: Must-Have Rooftop Cargo Gear for Your Adventures

Every busy family hitting the road could use a bit of extra space to sprawl out! The convenience of stowing a portion of the goods up top is always worth it. The excitement you can feel while pulling out of the driveway fully loaded up is infectious! Which one of these rooftop cargo solutions is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, or check out another article about vehicles that offer the best cargo space.

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