Aftermarket Ford F-150 Tail Lights

Aftermarket Ford F-150 Tail Lights

Your Ford F-150 has gone through it all. From the harsh elements of weather, your daily commute and transporting work gear, to hitting the off-road trails to reach your favorite camping spot. Pickup trucks take a beating and over the years your tail lights experience their share of rattling and exterior damage caused UV rays, shopping carts, and your crazy cousin at the last football tailgate party.

If the time has arrived for a tail lights upgrade and you’re considering switching out your old brake lights for a pair of performance tail lights that are brighter, more stylish, and durable, we have the list of F-150 replacement lights you’ve been searching for!

Which Tail Lights are Best for the F-150?

We’ve laid out the top tail lights for the Ford F-150 so you can easily compare the tailgate light options that interest you most. See how you can benefit with a fierce new look and bulb brightness that alerts the drivers behind you and learn which performance LED lights are best for your Ford truck year.

2009-2014 Ford F-150 LED Tail lights (Black)

2009-2014 Ford F-150 LED Tail lights (Black)

If you drive a Ford F-150 and you wish to add a sleek new style to your tailgate, these LED tail lights offer a sharpness, unlike your current stock brake lamps. Compatible with 2009-2014 F-150 model years, this replacement tail lights add a sporty black style to your pickup truck along with the reliably bright LED you’ve always craved for your tailgate.

2009-2014 LED Tail Lights (Chrome)

2009-2014 LED Tail Lights (Chrome)

Searching for that clean and clear look in your next taillight upgrade? This pair of chrome LED tail lamps for the F-150 provides a sleek luxuriant look to your truck’s tailgate. With a full grid of enhanced brightness, the chrome LED tail lights promote a sporty style with a touch of class. An excellent choice for the driver who loves to maintain a clean truck look with an advanced LED brightness that benefits your truck’s visibility when driving at night or during periods of inclement weather.

2004-2008 Ford F-150 LED Tail Lights (Black)

2004-2008 Ford F-150 LED Tail Lights (Black)

This pair of black taillights for the F-150 offers a honeycomb grid-style and a clear LED brightness level that ignites your tailgate. Robust in style and clarity, these left driver and right passenger taillights are the perfect fit for older F-150 truck models ranging from 2004 to 2008. Keep in mind, however, these tail lights do not fit the 2004 Ford F-150 Heritage SuperCab and the flareside or step-side trims.

G3 LED Tail Lights (2015-2017)

G3 LED Tail Lights (2015-2017)

Do you drive a newer Ford F-150 from the 2015 to 20017 model years? Instead of repairing damaged lights, upgrade to the G3 LED tail lights which offer solid brightness for your night time commute. Bold with the stacked square and rectangle brake light sections, fully ignite what’s behind your path when in reverse and when braking. These replacement brake lights, however, do not fit the F-150 trim levels with the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS).

Save Money on Ford F-150 Replacement Tail Lights

Once you finish researching tail lights for your F-150, make the switch and reap the benefits of updating your truck appearance and practicality.

It’s of the utmost importance to have a solid pair of functioning taillights for your F-150 and optimizing your pickup truck by taking out the old stock lights and replacing them with a new pair that adds sharpness and LED brightness will benefit the longevity of your truck along with better visibility for the drivers behind you.

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    1. The newer style lights are really nice. However, it’s important to check the trim of your truck. Many of the newer models have different functions and you’ll want to make sure the product matches what you need.

    2. Definitely some nice and cool styles. Tail lights like these will definitely get you noticed.

    3. So Many choices when you go aftermarket, some really cool options out there!

    4. One upgrade overlooked for tail lights is Led Reverse indicator bulbs. Increasing the light out will make you substantially more visible when reversing.

    5. The black LED taillights are my favorite. They give such a sleek and sporty look. The chrome LED taillights are nice too. A headlight/taillight upgrade is such a great way to upgrade your vehicle.

    6. These LED tail lights really upgrade the look of your truck. Most of the time when people are looking at your car is when they are driving behind you. I notice a busted tail light right away. These are great replacement options.

    7. I’m an F-150 guy for the last 17 years. Upgrading to LED tail lights is super easy. Drop the tailgate and just remove two visible bolts. Anyone can DIY this project!

    8. Upgrading to LED tail lights isn’t just for looks. LEDs light up faster than incandescent bulbs so the person behind you will see your lights a little sooner, which could save you from getting rear-ended.

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