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Best New Car Deals For Black Friday 2022

It’s that time of year again to save big! Well, perhaps only a little this time around. With Black Friday 2022 quickly approaching, we were curious to see what automakers had in store for the largest retail sales day in the U.S. Would there be any discounts after a year of scarce inventory and high prices? Probably not.

However, after some digging, we were able to find a few compelling offers that buyers might be interested in. Below we’ll break down the best cash savings and financing offers for a brand new model this holiday season.

The Black Friday deals you won’t want to miss

Every year drivers, and shoppers in general, get excited for this iconic day after Thanksgiving. While electronics, toys and clothing markdowns are some of the most sought-after items, the automotive market is known to give out generous discounts as well. And usually, on some of the most popular models. This year, things are, of course, looking a bit different due to the current state of the market. Yet fortunately, we were able to narrow down the tops deals available (at least in our opinion).

Buying a car this Black Friday? Here are the vehicles to put on your test drive list. 

Black Friday2022 Dodge Charger

The infamous muscle car might just be one of the best cash-saving deals you’ll find this Black Friday. The Dodge Charger’s lower end trims are set to get up to a $3,500 cash discount through November 30th, meaning you have a whole week to make a deal. Potential buyers can also opt to finance with Stellantis, Dodge’s parent company, with 6.49% financing for 60 months. With Dodge’s plans to switch to electric batteries, the SXT and GT trims are some of the last gas-powered models to go, which is likely why they were chosen for the sale.

2023 Hyundai Elantra

The Elantra has undergone impressive changes in the last few years and we love what we see! Aside from being one of the most affordable sedans on the market, the stylish upgrades have a way of appealing to all types of buyers. Not to mention, buyers of all ages. Shoppers will be pleased to know that the 2023 Elantra is being offered with a $750 cash savings. For those who want to skip out on the cash offer in lieu of financing, qualified shoppers can get up to 0% APR for 36 months. All things considered, the Elantra is a win/win even without the Black Friday markdowns.

Black Friday2022 Jeep Compass

Jeep has curated a great lineup over the years considering the changing times. Among those, the 2022 Jeep Compass has become an excellent option for select drivers on a budget. This subcompact model comes equipped with the same styling and similar features to its older and more elevated siblings, the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. If you’ve been vying to get behind the wheel of a Jeep model in recent years, we recommend taking advantage of the Compass Black Friday offer of 0.0% APR for up to 36 months with $1,000 cash back.

Other discounts to consider:

  • 2023 Nissan Leaf (2.69% interest for up to 72 months)
  • 2022 Chevy Equinox (2.99% for up to 60 months)
  • 2022 Fiat 500x (1.9% for up to 60 months)

Final thoughts on Black Friday 2022

We’ll admit, this Black Friday isn’t anything special. That said, we do hope buyers who are in the market for something new find some relief with these discount offers. The Dodge Charger, Hyundai Elantra and Jeep Compass are all well-suited models to contemplate depending on the type and style of car you’re looking for.

If you plan on shopping for a new car this weekend, we’d love to know about your experience! Comment below and tell us what you thought of the temporary discount pricing.

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