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Cars That Have Stuck Around Despite Low Sales

How many times have you driven on a highway and found yourself side by side with a RAV4 or Toyota Camry? For most drivers, the answer is every time. Be that as it may, there are certain vehicles that simply dominate the automotive market. Time and time again drivers gravitate toward these highly-rated and undeniably reliable makes and models. But what about the cars that fail to catch our attention? The cars that have stuck around amidst an ongoing pandemic and low sales every year.

These are the rides that rarely make us run to the dealership, but still impress enough buyers to surprisingly survive an ultra competitive market.

5 cars that have stuck around in 2021

When manufacturers engineer a new make or model, they have every intention of it being a big hit. Whether they’re trying to mend a gap in the automotive lineup or speak true to consumer taste, it’s safe to say that every car manufactured today has some underlying purpose.

However, there are no guaranteed hits. With every good intention comes the opportunity for things to fail. Although we wouldn’t consider these vehicles a disappoint, its clear they’ve never found their spotlight. Or perhaps, the light has dimmed quite a ton after their initial introduction.

Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen is known to keep things real, providing cars that are both affordable and backed by German engineering. So when the VW Arteon came out in 2017, buyers were intrigued by this seemingly step-up luxury sedan. With a well-balanced ride and good handling, the Arteon brought a lot to the table yet came more as an aftermath of the already failed CC model. It’s body shape and design haven’t stood up well against the more affordable models, Jetta and Passat. Not to mention, VW sold only 1,682 models in Q2 alone. Bottom line: it’s just not selling, which is why many car enthusiasts have advocated for its cancellation.

Acura ILX

In introspect, there are a number of Acura models that have struggled amongst consumer taste in recent years. It’s not because their vehicles are particularly ugly or come up short of luxury, but their sedans are simply fading in a compact and mid-size SUV driven market. The Acura ILX is a model that most drivers have rarely heard of. Hence why you barely see any on the road. Its comparable to a Honda Civic, yet the price tag still doesn’t add up. Drivers just don’t want to pay the extra price for so-called luxury, when the parent brand offers everything they need and more.

Chrysler 300

There are plenty of car enthusiasts who have an unrequited love for the Chrysler 300. It’s a car that made a bold impact when it first arrived but has since lost its merit for the majority of drivers. The Chrysler brand has had its fair share of difficulties wedging their way into the future. If it wasn’t for their popular minivan, the Chrysler Pacifica, its hard to say we would be paying much attention, if any at all, to this American automaker.

Chevy Camaro

We all have a lot of love for the phenomena of the Chevy Camaro. Clearly, this muscle car has left an everlasting impact on the automotive industry. But in 2021, buyers have seemed to lose their interest. Whether this accounts for a major shift toward greener driving or the never-ending cycle of SUV mania, these days its likely you’ll find more admiration for the old-school Camaro versus the ones you see in stock at your local dealership.

Fiat 500X

In 2020, we said goodbye to the Fiat 124 Spider and 500L, leaving the 500X as one of the last remaining models in the United States. This subcompact SUV is not your typical choice, and that is why it has struggled among a wide variety of competitors. Its lackluster interior and poor performing headlights don’t give us much hope for its survival in the years to come. Many consumers have a “love it or hate it” mentality. On top of that, its annual vehicle sales continue to trend downward.

Laying down the facts on all the cars that have stuck around this year

It would foolish for automakers to expect that every car or SUV would be adored so fervently by consumers. Quite frankly, some just really miss the mark. No matter the type of driver or destination, these rides rarely make our acquaintance anymore. To say they are a dying breed would be dramatic. But then again, its the consumer opinion that drives this ever-evolving industry.

The buyer of today will not last. As we resonate in an era of SUV obsessors turned EV enthusiasts, it’s fair to call out the makes and models that are falling behind, both in sales and in taste. Likewise, without enough time to turn things around. Will each of these rides keep up their fight? Probably so. But it is interesting to see how easily a once effervesce make or model can so quickly fall behind the curve.


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    1. New vehicles are released every year! What was once your dream car has now become a thing of the past especially with all the new bells and whistles that come with vehicles 2019 and newer.

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