Have you recently come across another vehicle on the road that sports a fashionable pair of headlights and you wish your vehicle stood out in style instead of being an eyesore?

Over time, oxidation plagues car headlights with a foggy film that is unattractive and non-practical for the driver who wants visual clarity and a car that doesn’t look like a complete beater. Depending on the year and parking condition of your vehicle, the oxidized blurriness can strike your vehicle’s headlamps around the 60-80k odometer mark resulting from exposure from exhaust chemicals, weather elements, and prolonged UV ray exposure.

Over time the plastic casing of your headlamps may oxidize turning your once crystal clear headlights a cloudy white or yellow fuzz color. One of the most efficient and easy ways to keep your headlights from fogging is by choosing protective tinting. If your curious about what types of headlight tints there are and if tinting your headlights is legal, read below to see if headlight tinting is right for you.

The Benefits of Tinting Your Headlights

Oxidized headlights can make your car look ten years older than it should and nobody enjoys the embarrassment of driving a cruddy-looking vehicle. Cloudy headlights also diffuse the source of light at night which decreases the effectiveness of seeing what’s beyond the hood of your car. But by legally tinting your headlights, you can prolong your vehicle investment with a protective tint that blocks from harmful UV rays and exterior elements such as weather or road debris.

Not only do you receive extra protection across the surface of your headlamps, but any previous scrapes or blotches are covered up, plus your car looks twice as new with a glossy vinyl tint finish.

Headlight Colors: What’s Best?

The style of your car makes all the difference when choosing vinyl headlight tint and there is a handful of shades to pick from. Some of the most popular and legal headlight tint shades are:

  • Clear
  • Yellow
  • Amber
  • Smoke

You can choose the sporty and stealthy car look with the darkened “smoke-out” headlights but make sure it’s legal in your state before you spend any money. Most drivers who choose the smoke or amber colors have brighter LED or Halogen Bulbs which are more visible through the vinyl tint but any other colors such as blue, red, or chameleon should be avoided if your traveling on local roads and highways.

Keep in mind that if you fail to follow your state’s headlight regulations, you may be required to remove the tint to pass inspection, or traffic enforcement will ticket you. If you wish to play it safe, choose a lighter tint shade or go clear.

Tint Your Headlights or Replace Them?

Tinting may not always produce the headlight results you imagined and in some states headlight tint is strongly illegal. Your second option is to visit an online headlights dealer to fully replace your headlights with a brand new pair.

Visibility on the roads and highways should always be taken seriously and whether you tint or install new headlights on your own, be sure to follow all instructions thoroughly and double check your state’s driving and vehicle regulations before getting started.

Patrick Kirk
I am a full-time copywriter from Naples, FL and living in Austin, TX. I have written for the automotive industry for three years, and enjoy other hobbies such as camping and mountain biking. I received my Bachelors from Florida Gulf Coast University, and served in the U.S Coast Guard.

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