2024 Ford Ranger

Grit, Grip, and Glory: Meet the 2024 Ford Ranger

Trucks are spotted all over the world these days! The Autoblog review crew was surprised to see the mid-size Ford Ranger in places such as Great Britain, Australia, and Thailand last year. When these professionals had time to meet the 2024 Ford Ranger last year, they were surprised that Europeans were so thrilled with the rugged looks.

Meet the 2024 Ford Ranger

The upgrades for the 2024 model include a two-inch wheelbase increase and a greater sense of width. Brand manager Andrew Cascaden remarked that embracing a more American direction” would end up well-received on other continents. The tough-looking front end, newly creased fenders, and wider stance make the truck quite appealing for fans of hard-working grit.

Crafted to Conquer: The Ranger’s Durable Build Qualities

Before this year’s model, some critics had claimed that the Ranger wasn’t quite tough enough to look the part. The 2024 model comes out of the gate fiercely with better approach/departure angles. These determine how much traction you’ll be hitting the trail with. 

The maximum payload is now ranked at 1,805 lbs, with a maximum towing capacity of 7,500 lbs. This is one of the traits making the Ranger stand up against the competition, as it’s 1,000 pounds greater than the Tacoma. The standard engine is a 2.3-liter turbocharged inline-four cylinder cranking out 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. Diehards on the hunt for more power will enjoy the Raptor’s 3.0-liter V6. 

The Ranger’s “Rapture to Refinement”:

This drive testing team was first concerned with the 4-cylinder powertrain, and how well it would fit the bill. It was smooth and peppy enough that the crew immediately wondered “if something burlieris truly needed. The manual mode did an excellent job of acutely holding a gear while lurching forward downhill.

Many body-on-frame builds tend to offer unwanted wiggle when navigating intense bumps! The Ranger’s damping controls the rebound needed for this incredibly well. Even on winding mountain roads, the body motion warranted a perfect response. Selecting Sport mode tightens up the steering even more for situations demanding precision. 

Pine Knob Convenience + Tremendous Trailering:

The Ranger actually has a pretty unique feature for driving in reverse! The Trailer Reverse Guidance System allows you to use the knob surrounding the 4×4 controls to guide the truck while the trailer is attached. The team even tested this feature with a set of cones and a makeshift course with great results. 

Lower trim levels of all truck brands have quite a bit of plastic found in the interior. Here the Autoblog crew claimed that the grade you’ll find in the Ranger beats out what the Tacoma and GM crowd have goin’ on. The instrument panel is available in 8 or 12-inch sizes, with the larger boasting more adjustability.  

Tailored to Tackle: Sweet Storage Options for the Ranger

Customers have been asking for better storage options in trucks, and it totally makes sense! There’s now a large bin under the touchscreen along with a side shelf perfect for tablets and other tech carry-ons. The wider stance also now offers a wider bed, which is ideal for a busy contractor’s needed daily haul. 

Here the reviewers tackle a very important point regarding competition and the fact that the goal here is to lure buyers away from the very popular Tacoma. The Car and Driver experts claimed that the 2024 Ranger was an extreme improvement over last year’s model. This was due to a much smoother ride, and the excellent 4-cylinder engine performance. 

Drivers Are Eager to Conquer the Dust, Not Bite It!

The Ram has made quite a stir with its luxurious interior. The Silverado has improved greatly over the past few years and has done well with slowly doing away with too much plastic inside. The Ranger will definitely appeal to drivers who were thrilled with the Colorado’s mid-size stance and unique abilities. 

As all of the truck manufacturers need their own piece of the pie, the “big 4” brands have relentlessly not given up without a fight. The Ranger does a good job of not just “existing as an extension of the F150”, while still offering a unique and very punchy flavor. The leery writers from The Drive almost reluctantly praised the Ranger’s capability. 

Mastering the Middle Ground: “What’s in Your Garage?”

Truck lovers have so many options in today’s market. Luxury elements are important, but so are traits such as being able to squeeze in when things are looking tight. Overall, what do you think of the Ford Ranger? Is it a mundane rework that doesn’t quite have the necessary clout, or is it a winner? It looks to be the perfect contender for those with a wide range of work and recreation needs. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or check out another article about building the ultimate Ranger.

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