2023 Genesis GV60

High Performance Meets Unique Luxury: Review of the 2023 Genesis GV60

The electric market is growing by the minute thanks to the latest emergence of new EVs in 2023. Fortunately, a multitude of those are actually crossover and SUV models that come packed with more passenger space and great capabilities without sacrificing efficiency. The 2023 Genesis GV60, the first electric vehicle of the company, is making a name for itself quickly, capturing the strong points of its gas-guzzling siblings as well as advanced performance metrics.

Notable Features
  • DC fast-charging capability, reaching 10% to 80% in as little as 18 minutes.
  • Fast acceleration, reaching 60 mph in under 4 seconds with the Performance trim option.
  • Uniquely customized styling, featuring blue Nappa leather with neon-green contrast stitching and biometric features, including fingerprint reader and facial-recognition camera.
  • MSRP of $58,890, relatively comparable to other luxury competitors, including the Tesla Model Y and Polestar 2

It’s time to unveil the 2023 Genesis GV60! Because this is the first year for the model, we suspect there will be a few kinks to work out in due time. However, what we’ve seen so far is a real testament to the South Korean automaker’s commitment to excellence with a splash of luxury.

Top-class comfort

Brimmed with technology, top-of-the-line safety, and comfort, the GV60 is here to give other luxury brands a run for their money; at least so it seems. Similar to its fuel-engine counterparts, the all-electric GV60 does not disappoint. With standard all-wheel drive, an impressively smooth ride, and max power charging, drivers won’t feel they are ever sacrificing by switching to electric model instead of a GV70 or GV80.

Things we absolutely love about this new electric vehicle include:

  • Ultra lush cushioned seating
  • It’s aesthetically beautiful, from the interior to the exterior
  • “BOOST” button that immediately increases the performance of the vehicle’s maximum output. Reaching up to 483 horsepower for 10 seconds (talk about quick speed!)
  • You can power electronics and other small appliances with the car’s battery pack
  • Full LED Headlights, with rear combination lamps
  • Touch-type air conditioning panel
  • Ambient moods lighting with front seat LED foot lamp
  • Auto-flush door handles

Don’t get us started about the safety

The glitz and glam is an important aspect of car ownership, don’t get us wrong. That said, what’s a car’s really worth these days without state-of-the-art safety? Luckily, Genesis is without question one of the best safety pioneers on the market. Each vehicle is craftily designed with passenger safety in mind, which is why the GV60 is no exception. Included standard in the 2023 Genesis 2023, drivers can expect:

  • High beam assist
  • 10 airbag system
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Emergency Stop Signal
  • Vibration Warning Steering Wheel
  • Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (including cars, cyclists, and pedestrians)
  • Blind Spot Collision-avoidance Assist
  • Intelligent Speed Limit Assist

On top of the mentioned safety tech, there are a list of convenience features that drivers will appreciate. From rear view monitor and parking guide to an air purification system, there were no corners cut in the making of this electric model. Every detail takes into account accustomed driver behaviors as well as ways to improve the driving experience.

Take a look at what’s to offer:

Drawbacks of the 2023 Genesis GV60

Though some enthusiasts may disagree, no vehicle is perfect. The 2023 GV60 brings a lot to the table in terms of performance and comfort, however, there are a few flaws that are worth mentioning. For starters, the cargo area is limited. It’s not the type of vehicle to reflect the real-world utility of active families. While the interior delivers on comfort and sophisticated styling, its small stature may curb a certain market of buyers. The range, averaging 248 miles, also falls a bit under competitors, which could be a negative to some.

Another notable drawback of the 2023 GV60 is the braking. Though the performance is there, especially with upgrades like electronically controlled suspension, drivers have taken notice of its very touchy brake pedal. Others have drawn criticism over the durability of the tires, saying a tire with more grip would enhance the driving experience too. Overall, for the brand’s first all-electric vehicle, there’s a lot to applaud here even with the flaws in mind.

Final thoughts on the 2023 Genesis GV60

Factoring in several components that drivers look for in a vehicle, the GV60 outshines a number of electric and non-electric crossovers available. In addition to the standard features that make the ride enjoyable, it’s gotten significant praise from top automotive experts for its fun acceleration and noteworthy comfort. Though the price may be daunting to some buyers, the 2023 GV60 boosts efficiency and long-term appeal. It is the quite definitely earns its place as the luxury version of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6.

Tell us what you think of the 2023 Genesis GV60! Does this luxury electric crossover interest you?

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