Honda and Sony Joint-Venture Afeela Makes Debut at CES

Honda is taking its EV pursuits one step further by joining forces with tech conglomerate, Sony, to produce a new electric brand called Afeela. Debuting at CES this past weekend, viewers got a firsthand glimpse at the brand and the first prototype that will begin to define its emerging namesake. With technology at its core and a focus on autonomous driving capabilities, Afeela takes an introspective approach to electric manufacturing. One in which you “feel” as though the driver is at the heart of the development process.

Key Takeaways from CES:

  • Afeela will designate less focus on power and performance and more attention to the overall user experience.
  • The first look revealed at sleek and modern body type, with many characteristics similar to other EV designs.
  • Consumers can expect deliveries to arrive in the US by 2026.

Afeela shies away from the traditional EV market

In comparison to Tesla and other name brand competitors, Afeela is not interested in producing the highest performance vehicles on the market. Instead, the joint-venture is approaching electric production from a mobility standpoint. The aim of the company is to create a unique driving experience where advanced technology and user-centric interiors go hand in hand. In other words, it’s less about how the vehicle maneuvers roadways, and more about your experience inside.

While the unveiling at CES, the most influential tech event in the world, set the tone for what’s to come, interested shoppers will have to wait longer to get the real specs on this electric innovation. That means, no pricing or performance figures have been revealed as of yet. For now, the Afeela prototype is the closest thing we get to its future design. And so far, it’s already impressive to say the least.

Highlight features include 45 cameras and sensors dispersed throughout the vehicle for advanced safety and autonomous abilities. In addition, the prototype contains 800 Tera Operation Per Second of computing power for the electronic controller. All in all, Sony amplifies the tech components of this future design in ways that most drivers wouldn’t think imaginable.

An elevated driving experience

To help achieve the mobility goals of Afeela, manufacturers choose to utilize Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon Digital Chassis, a cloud-based automotive platform that controls all the dynamics within a vehicle. The company will also incorporate a Level 3 autonomous driving system. Inside you’ll expect to find a steering yoke rather than the circular steering wheel, an open concept center console, and dash-length screen with touch controls. Overall, the interior will present a minimal yet “soft cocoon” aesthetic that creates a calming driving experience from start to finish.

First glimpse at the latest EV brand

Those who joined #CES2023 got to witness the official unveiling of Afeela and its first-ever prototype. Take a moment to see the actual reveal and get to know more about the latest EV competitor to break into the market:

Prospective customers can pre-order the first model starting in early 2025, with an official delivery date sometime in spring 2026. After the reveal, we simply can’t wait to see how capable this electric model will actually be on account of its advanced technologies. Does the Afeela brand interest you? Share your opinion and thoughts below.

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