How Long Do Headlights Last?

How Long Do Headlights Last

You use your car every day – to get to work, to get to yoga, to get to that first (or maybe last) date. Let’s face it, without your car, life would be quite difficult. Car owners rely on this heavy piece of machinery to transport them to and from their next destination. But are they paying close attention to the details that make it function? The answer depends on the car owner and who you ask. Most car owners would agree that taking care of your automobile is important, and it comes with a list of responsibilities.

You have to change the oil every few months and make sure the tires have enough air pressure. You have to keep it clean and fix unexpected repairs. The list goes on. As a car owner, you should be aware and organized at all times. A major part of staying on top of your responsibilities involves making sure your headlights are working properly. Headlights are imperative to the safety and function of your car; therefore, it is important to know how long they will last and how to avoid the danger of deteriorating headlights.

The following will detail the types of headlights and their expected lifespan – along with the contributing factors that cause their deterioration.

Halogen Headlights

A halogen headlight typically maintains an average lifespan of 450-1,000 hours. That may seem like a wide range, but the exactness lies in the frequency of your driving and the quality of the bulb. Halogen bulbs have a lower lifespan in comparison to other headlight technologies, but they still remain the most cost-effective option. Car owners who are on a tight budget will likely gravitate towards this type of headlight.

HID Headlights

These headlights are extremely powerful and provide some of the strongest illuminance in headlight production. HID headlights uphold an average service life of 2,000 hours. Because of their brightness, HID headlights are often recommended for people who typically drive at night or through rough terrains.

LED Headlights

LED technology offers the greatest service life. On average, LED headlights can last up to 30,000 hours. For that reason, these headlights have become a popular option among car manufacturers in terms of its strong efficiency and contemporary design. LED headlights are easy to install and make for the perfect upgrade if you are looking to modernize your vehicle.

What factors affect headlight lifespan?

There are a number of reasons why your headlight lifespan may fall shorter than expected. For one, the conditions you drive in. Harsh climates typically cause your headlights to diminish faster. Sunlight exposure can even take a toll on the plastic coverings, decreasing the effectiveness of your headlights while driving. Drivers who live in regions where daylight hours are less frequent would require more use of their headlights in the dark.

The lifespan of your headlights can even be determined by your lifestyle. If you frequently drive at night, then you are demanding more use of your headlights. If you typically drive during the day then maybe your illuminance will stay intact longer. Sometimes there can be defects or installation problems that can cause your headlights to perform below average. Whether your car is 3 years old or 10 years old, it does not matter. The lifespan of your headlights will greatly depend on the type of headlights you have and the lifestyle factors that take a toll.

Is it time for a replacement?

If you have noticed lately that your headlights are generating less illuminance, then it is likely you are in desperate need of a headlight replacement. Any decrease in performance poses a serious safety issue for you and others on the road. Do not hesitate to purchase new headlights or upgrade to more efficient ones. Not only will new headlights increase your safety on the road, it will also improve the look of your front end. When it comes time to replace your headlights, you might feel overwhelmed on where to find good replacements. Luckily, you can visit Headlights Depot to browse their wide selection of quality headlights at an affordable cost.


Essentially, your car functions as your secondary oasis during the day. It is the place you can retreat to after a long day at work. It is the vessel that will lead you to your next Starbucks coffee. Whatever your lifestyle may be, it makes total sense to invest some time and money in the upkeep of your vehicle – specifically your headlights. The statistical averages show us that the type of headlight (halogen, HID, and LED) will greatly determine how frequently you need to replace your headlamps. Over time, your car will continue to age, but keeping your headlights up to date will provide continued safety and optimal performance.

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    1. Replacing headlights is a key thing for safety. My wife recently replaced the bulbs in her lights, and that made a huge difference in light output.

    2. Garage kept car is the best thing you can do, out of the sun is the best place for your vehicle especially in South Florida where the sun is very strong.

    3. It is interesting to think about how long a certain headlight may last. Though I am not the original owner of my vehicle, I have never changed the bulbs or headlights in my car. I wonder how likely it is for someone to need to change their bulbs or headlights due to the light going out. We see people changing their headlights due to damage or fading or simply for an upgrade. But how many miles would it take for your bulbs to just go out with no damage? I wonder if this is common and just not something I have experienced quite yet.

    4. Driving closely behind other vehicles that are throwing small rocks and debris from the tires causes many chips in the paint of the front bumper, hood, and HEADLIGHTS. Headlights usually have the flattest surface on the front of the vehicle other than the bumper, so they become chipped and and pitted easily from rocks hitting the clear coat of the lens. Practice a safe following distance behind other cars for your safety, but also because it will do less damage to your vehicle over time.

    5. It’s interesting that a led headlight will function longer than the lifespan of the average car. Great technology!

    6. Properly working headlights is so crucial to the safety of the driver and fellow drivers. Sometimes its hard to notice when your headlights start to slowly dim over time. I recently changed the bulbs in my headlights and the difference is so dramatic. I cant believe I went for so long with dull headlights. It’s so nice to be able to see everything while driving at night.

    7. You never really think about how long headlights should last on your car I know I don’t. But you can always just practice simple things like driving safely , making sure your beam pattern is up to par, and keeping your vehicle out of any direct sunlight as much as possible. Headlights are very important in general just going out and taking a look once in a while will make a difference.

    8. Halogens might have the shortest life of the 3, but something to consider is the warranty. PERDE Solar Series Platinum halogen bulbs come with a limited lifetime replacement warranty. https://www.headlightsdepot.com/catalog/bulbs

    9. Although this article is mostly about the bulbs, the headlamp lens on most cars won’t last long before fading to the point that your light output is not good enough for night driving, in some cases this can be as little as one or two years, If your lenses are faded you should look into replacing them with good quality aftermarket headlights. They are more affordable then you may think.

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