How Long Do Volkswagen Beetle Headlights Last

How Long Do Volkswagen Beetle Headlights Last

The Volkswagen Beetle is an intriguing vehicle that is known for its unique appearance. Part of its unique appearance are the Volkswagen Beetle headlights, which have a small and round appearance. Although they appear small, they are just as effective and safe as other models and can last for years with proper care.

With that said, it is important for owners to know how to care for their Volkswagen Beetle headlights to get the most out of them and to avoid issues such as oxidation of the headlight lenses and damage. The following is an overview of how long Volkswagen Beetle headlights last and how to care for the headlights, including insights on when to seek replacement and how to choose a reliable set.

An overview of Volkswagen Beetle headlights

The Volkswagen Beetle was first introduced in the 1930s. It is a two-door compact car with a stylish front appearance. The hood is smaller in size than the average car, which many find gives it extra style. The headlights are an important part of the face of the Volkswagen Beetle and are attractive while also ensuring optimal safety.

To ensure the Beetle keeps its ideal appearance and safety, owners should keep the headlights clean and avoid dirt and grime build-up. If Volkswagen Beetle headlights become outdated, meaning they are worn-down beyond repair, then a replacement set should be strongly considered.

Volkswagen Beetle owners can install their headlights easily if they choose to purchase a replacement. The removal process is actually quite simple. However, it is important to ensure the retainer clip is properly installed to ensure it does not come loose or fly out due to improper installation

When to replace your Volkswagen Beetle headlights

Of course, the quality of the headlights and how long they last depend on how well the owner cares for them. With proper care, Volkswagen Beetle headlights typically remain in quality condition for ten to fifteen years. This means that those who own a Volkswagen Beetle that was made in 2010 or after that care for their vehicle properly may not need a replacement set.

However, those who drive a Volkswagen Beetle that was manufactured between 2005 and 2009 should examine their headlights for any signs of oxidation or other concerns. It is encouraged to replace headlights for Volkswagen Beetle models 2004 and before.

There are times when early replacement might be necessary. Most notably, anytime there is noticeable Volkswagen Beetle headlights damage then a replacement set is likely necessary. Damage can be the result of a minor car accident or accidental contact by a hard object.

In some instances, early oxidation may occur to Volkswagen Beetle headlights. Minor oxidation can potentially be resolved through at-home remedies and store-bought headlight restoration kits, but more severe oxidation requires replacement.

Volkswagen Beetle owners may choose to replace their headlights early for aesthetic purposes as well. A new set of Volkswagen Beetle headlights can restore the appearance of the vehicle and make driving safer. This might be a good idea for parents who intend to hand down their Volkswagen Beetle to their child once they receive their license.

How to make your Volkswagen Beetle headlights last longer

To get the most out of your Volkswagen Beetle headlights, there are certain care tips owners can follow. While taking hours each day is not necessary, simply taking a moment each week to prevent damage can make a big difference. The most notable care tips for Volkswagen Beetle headlights include:

  • Inspect your headlights regularly
  • Keep your headlights clean
  • Repair damage early
  • Prevent severe oxidation
  • Keep your headlights covered

One of the best ways to avoid early replacement of your Volkswagen Beetle headlights is by catching the early signs of damage or oxidation early. This can be accomplished by making it a habit to check the headlights at least once a week. Simply walking around the car and closely examining the headlights is generally all that is required.

It is also helpful to clean your headlights often. If they are not really dirty and the cleaning is for preventive reasons, then using soap and water is enough. For removing dirt and grime, using a more advanced cleaning method is advised.

Also, if there is damage to your headlights, be certain to repair as soon as possible, unless the damage is beyond repair. Although it is not necessary, keeping your Volkswagen Beetle covered and protected from sunlight is a great way to ensure your headlights last as long as possible.

Tips for choosing the best Volkswagen Beetle headlights

While the goal is to get the most out of your headlights and have them remain in ideal condition for as long as possible, the reality is there are times when replacement is necessary. Most notably, headlights should be replaced if they are outdated, damaged or oxidized beyond repair.

Of course, not all replacement Volkswagen Beetle headlights are the same, and some sets look better, have more in them, last longer and are available for a more affordable price. It is important to choose a quality pair of Volkswagen Beetle headlights for replacement as an unreliable set may lead to early replacement or cause safety or aesthetic issues after installation.

In deciding which Volkswagen Beetle headlights are most appropriate for your replacement needs, consider your available budget. Although, keep in mind a more reliable set is likely to last longer and be more cost-effective long-term. It is also encouraged to find a headlight set that has both a driver side and passenger side headlight, along with the bulbs to go along with it.

The next consideration to make is the supplier. Some headlight suppliers have a more trusted reputation. You can determine customer satisfaction by checking Google reviews, product reviews on the supplier’s website, etc.

Lastly, you should consider the year the replacement set is for and choose the set you find to work best for you. What one finds to be the best Volkswagen Beetle headlights may not be the same for someone else.

Our Volkswagen Beetle headlights recommendation

If you drive a Volkswagen Beetle that was manufactured between 1998 and 2005, then we recommend the PERDE Headlights Chrome Halogen Set or the Black Housing Set. If you drive a 2006 – 2010 Volkswagen Beetle, then the PERDE Beetle Black Halogen Set or the Chrome Projector Halogen Set are great options. All options are from our sister company Headlights Depot.

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    1. Your geography will also have an effect on the time it takes for you to need new headlights.

    2. Inspired! Thanks for the share.

    3. Those small round headlights have always been the first thing I notice when looking at a Beetle. They are truly the “eyes” of the car. So keeping them in good shape and replacing when necessary definitely makes a huge difference. It is good that this article noted to be mindful during installation. Anyone can change the headlights for this vehicle themselves. It is a great DIY project. However, not securing one important clip may cause you to loose all of your hard work. If the headlight appears loose at all after installation, it may not be fully secure. Do not drive the car unless you are sure the headlight is properly installed.

    4. I have a family friend who still drives a little red 89 beetle. It’s a beautiful car because he keeps up with the maintenance. Upgrading the headlights has made a huge difference between “old bug” and “vintage beetle”.

    5. When replacing the headlights in a beetle, make sure to properly latch them into place. There is only one retainer clip on these cars. If this clip is broken or installed slightly off, then your headlights will eject from the vehicle under heavy braking, speed bumps, or anything that is jarring to the vehicle.

      1. Beat me to it!!!!

    6. It’s surprising how large the newer beetle headlights are. From the outside, they look like a typical round headlight that would be shallow. But they are more complicated than meets the eye. It’s a well-designed headlight with quality output. And if you have the turbo model, you get the added benefit of HID!

    7. The way Volkswagon designed this headlight to fit the car, it is a very easy install. Unlike other manufacturers, Bumpers or fenders will not need to be removed for an install.

    8. Great article, I agree keeping your headlights clean is important. You can avoid having to replace them too soon if you just inspect regularly and keep them clean. Also maybe use a UV proctectant wax.

    9. Beetles are pretty amazing. You definitely want to keep these out of the sun if possible. That will help them last longer.

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