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How Parents Can Keep Their Child Safe From Hot Car Deaths

Each summer we witness a rising number of news stories concerning hot car deaths.  And though most of these tragedies stem from accidental circumstances, it’s become a common safety concern among parents nationwide. The summer months lead to unprecedented internal temperatures in the car, in which leaving a child inside could lead to a devastating impact.

According to, “even the best of parents can unknowingly leave a sleeping baby in the car.” Due this safety hazard, experts are continually looking for ways to prevent this tragedy from occurring. In the future, we could see the development of new radar technology that could ultimately detect body temps and heartbeats within an off vehicle.

But for now, parents and local lobbyist are advocating for better prevention and an overall reduction of hot car deaths or injuries across the nation. To help bring awareness to this cause, below we’ve outlined top safety tips for parents, step-parents, and guardians. Unfortunately, it’s a story that happens all too often. Yet with better recognition, we hope the the dangers of hot car deaths will decrease.

Tips for preventing hot car deaths

The age of children most impacted by hot car deaths include infant and toddlers. In fact, 87% of children who have died in hot cars are under the age of 3. Besides having the accessibility to exit the vehicle, young children and infants don’t have the same ability to regulate their temperature as more developed human beings. As a result, a handful of helpless children fall victim to hot car injuries or deaths each year.

Here are the top 5 tips that every parent should live by:

1. Check your surrounding before you lock

We’ve all become accustomed to locking our vehicles as we walk into the grocery store, bank, and even at home. Although locking your car is always a smart idea, you should make sure everyone is out of the vehicle before you instantly hit the lock button.

2. Put personal belongings in the backseat

Store your purse, briefcase, gym bag, lunch, or any item that you would normally grab on a daily basis in the back seat. This will guarantee you are always looking back and checking your surrounding before exiting the vehicle.

3. Keep a reminder in the front seat

All parents get overwhelmed and distracted at times. But it’s important to keep a reminder in the front seat to make sure your little ones are keep in mind. Particularly when arriving at your next destination. We suggest keeping a favorite stuffed animal or toy that will serve as a constant reminder that your youngster is buckled in the back.

4. Put keys and fobs out of reach from young children

If your little one is feeling adventurous, they might be tempted to get in the car without your knowledge. Prevent this from happening by storing your keys or key fob in a safe and out-of-reach location. If you’re prone to losing your keys, establish a place in your home where the keys reside at all times. Also in a spot that is high enough that children can’t grab them. Storing them in a purse or on a reachable table is generally a recipe for disaster.

5. If you see a child alone in a vehicle, don’t hesitate to take action

Some parents choose to leave their kids in the car for convenience, especially if they’re running a quick errand into a store. However, no child should ever be left alone. It’s the exact reason these tragedies tend to happen. If you see something concerning, don’t hesitate to call 911 or take prompt action to find the guardian or parent nearby. Records show it only takes a few minutes for a child to start overheating in a car.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, your vehicle should always be a safe and comfortable space for your child to spend time in. Don’t let a hot car death affect your family this summer and keep this safety concern in mind. The reality is it can happen to any family if more precaution is not taken. Overall, we hope every parent takes these tips into consideration and practices better car safety during the sweltering summer months.

To learn more about this national issue, visit to see the real-time statistics  and facts concerning hot car deaths in the United States. You’ll also find an abundance of resources to continue raising awareness on this safety issue.

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