There’s something very Batman-esque about a vehicle coated in matte black car paint. But like all good things in life, this paint job has its pros and cons. Here’s my review of matte black styling and if it’s worth the upkeep.

Matte black car paint pros and cons

The pros

First and foremost, a matte black paint job looks dope. There’s something about minimized highlights that really makes your ride stand out from the crowd. If you can see, you know from first glance that limited glare does something special to the body of a vehicle. Pickup trucks and sports rides alike, matte black paint looks darn good.

Matte paint is also pretty simple to DIY, meaning most anyone can figure out how to lather it on without screwing up the look. There are a variety of specialized products available, too.

When it comes time to wash your car, matte paint is actually nicer than gloss paint because it doesn’t show streaks from washing.

The cons

Despite its killer aesthetic appeal, matte black car paint isn’t perfect. It’s more prone to scratching than other types of paint, which means either your car ends up looking crappy in a few years or you need to keep up with maintenance more often.

Another con is that you need specialized protection products to avoid that scratching (most of these products are made without wax to avoid adding any glossy look to your car). It’s another cost from your pocket.

Is matte black car paint worth it?

If you can afford the upkeep — both in terms of time and money — I think it’s a win. But not everyone can, and a scratched-up paint job does nobody any good. Take inventory of your finances and time allotment for the foreseeable future when considering matte black car paint pros and cons.

PRO TIP: If you want to DIY your matte black, consider testing out your skills on a bicycle first. You’ll get some practice and have a fierce-looking bike afterwards.

Check out these awesome matte black paint jobs for some inspiration

If you’re wondering whether matte black is the right getup for your car, take a peek at some of these stellar paint jobs seen across the social sphere:




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    1. Oh gosh, that main picture just made me gush. I had to comment. I love the look of a matte car in a dark color. I have seen some dark greens and dark maroon matte cars that look so lush. But anything matte is definitely a bit more high maintenance.

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