The Volkswagen Beetle is a classic car that has been around since the 1930s, making it one of the oldest car models that is still in use today. Of course, its design has evolved and improved throughout the years, but it is still very well-known for its unique appearance. Part of its unique appearance includes the unique headlights, which are smaller in size and accommodate the rest of the Beetle face well.

However, it is important to keep the Volkswagen Beetle headlights in good condition to maintain its unique and stylish appearance. It is also a smaller car with a shorter hood, which may make it less protective in the event a crash were to occur. Subsequently, it is encouraged to ensure the Volkswagen Beetle headlights are not outdated, damaged or oxidized, which can make seeing the road and other drivers more difficult.

The following is everything to know about Volkswagen Beetle headlights, including common signs that indicate replacing the headlights might be necessary, the benefits of headlights replacement and how to find the right replacement headlight set for your Beetle.

An Overview of the Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle has been around for close to 90 years. However, the more prevalent model driven today is considered the Volkswagen New Beetle, which features a front-engine design as opposed to the rear engine design of the original Beetle. The Volkswagen New Beetle is a compact car with 2-doors and front-wheel drive that was produced from October 1997 until the summer of 2011. A newer version of the Volkswagen New Beetle subsequently began production, which discontinued in July of 2019.

The Volkswagen Beetle is ideal for single men and women or small families who want a vehicle with a creative design that is also easy to drive. With the right safety features in place, it also makes for a great option for parents who want their child’s first vehicle to be something nice, affordable and easy to drive.

Signs you should consider replacing your headlights

Volkswagen Beetle headlights are durable and can last for over a decade if they are cared for properly, but eventually, a replacement set will be necessary. It is helpful to understand the signs that headlights replacement is necessary to ensure optimal safety and comfort while driving at night, along with ensuring the Beetle keeps its desirable appearance.

  • Damaged headlights – Perhaps the primary reason for early Volkswagen Beetle headlights replacement is damage. Anytime the headlights become damaged in a manner that causes a safety concern, the owner should seek a reliable replacement set as soon as possible. Headlights can become damaged in a number of ways, including getting hit by an object or a fender bender.
  • Dim headlights – Dim headlights do not necessarily mean you need to replace your entire headlight set. In a lot of instances, simply changing the headlight bulbs or cleaning and polishing the headlights will fix the issue. However, if the headlights are oxidized and cleaning and changing the bulbs do not work, then changing the headlamps might be required.
  • Ugly headlights – Volkswagen Beetle headlights do not have to be outdated, damaged or dim for you to change them. In some instances, changing the headlights is a great way to give your Beetle a quick and inexpensive makeover.

The Benefits of replacing your headlights

Replacing your Volkswagen Beetle headlights is a great way to improve the safety, appearance, and function of the car. The following is a more in-depth look at the more notable benefits that replacing old, damaged, oxidized or simply ugly headlights with a newer set offers.

Improved vehicle appearance

As vehicles get older they tend to look more worn-down and outdated. However, this does not always have to be the case. You can keep your Volkswagen Beetle looking great for more than 15 years by caring for it properly, which should include changing the Volkswagen Beetle headlights when they start to affect the appearance of the car.

Improved safety and function

Whether you are a parent of a child who drives a Beetle or you own one for yourself, it is a more comfortable and satisfying experience driving and riding in a Beetle that has reliable headlights that make seeing the road at night much easier. Whereas oxidized or damaged headlights may impair the ability of the headlight bulbs to light up the road properly, a new set can make driving safer and more comfortable.

Better chance to pass inspection

If you live in a state that requires vehicle safety inspections, then you may need to have your headlights replaced to ensure your Beetle passes the inspection. If you are worried about your upcoming inspection, then changing damaged or outdated headlights is a great way to improve your chances and help yourself feel more confident.

Increased durability and reliability

No one should have to drive with dim headlights while wondering if and when the headlights will finally become so bad they can no longer drive, and everyone should be able to see the road clearly and drive confidently. Replacing your headlights before any issue gets too bad ensures you have a reliable set that is going to remain in good condition for years.

How to find the best replacement headlights

The first step in finding a reliable replacement headlight set is determining the year and model of your Volkswagen Beetle. Keep in mind, some version of the Beetle has been driven for the majority of the past century, and not all headlights are interchangeable. After determining the year and model, you can find Volkswagen Beetle headlights that work well.

Be sure to also check the reviews of each supplier you consider. Ideally, you should seek to find a headlight supplier that has quality reviews, a trusted reputation and offers the exact headlight set you need. Of course, price is also a consideration, and the goal is to find quality Volkswagen Beetle headlights at a competitive and reasonable price. While you should feel free to do your own research and find the set that works best for you, we recommend the PERDE Headlights Chrome Halogen Set from our sister company Headlights Depot, which works well for the 1998-2005 Volkswagen Beetle (does not fit the Turbo-S model).

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