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Which Headlights are Best for My Pontiac Grand Prix?

Pontiac Grand Prix owners have car issues just like everyone else on the road.

Your older model sedan has a unique pair of headlights, and Pontiac Grand Prix headlamps can be a difficult find, especially for 90’s era models. Owners who are interested in upgrading their Gran Prix, starting off with new headlights make a huge difference when it comes to style and clarity and enhancing your headlights when traveling through darkness is a must if you drive an older sedan.

Headlights add safety and appeal to your vehicle and if you’re looking to refresh your vehicle’s front end, we have the rundown on some of the top replacement headlights for the Pontiac Grand Prix.

PERDE Headlight Chrome w/ Performance 1997-2003

If you’ve been maintaining a Pontiac Grand Prix from the late 90s to the early 2000s, PERDE makes excellent chrome headlights for your Pontiac sedan. As an affordable headlight pair that is attachable to your original vehicle harnessing, buyers can pull out their old headlamps and replace them by following short and simple instructions. This pair of headlights is compliant with the Department of Transportation and these stock lamps are quick to order and best of all, affordable for a quick headlight fix.

Black Headlights for Pontiac Grand Prix 1997-2003

Searching headlight dealers for driver and passenger-side headlights for a Pontiac Grand Prix? If you want to switch up your driving style or need a bold pair of headlamps after a recent accident, these Grand Prix headlights give that sporty appearance and pure halogen brightness. The front fascia design of the Grand Prix during 1997-2003 is slender and sleek, and if you go darker for headlights on an older car model, they are sure to bring out a new style in your car.

 Pontiac Grand Prix Headlights 2004-2008 w/ Halogen Xenon Bulbs

For owners of a Grand Prix between 2004 and 2008, this pair of replacement headlamps work wonders when it comes to an uplift in style and illumination of your car. Fully DOT and SAE compliant, this pair of headlamps for the Pontiac Grand Prix provide robust clarity at nighttime with the Solar Series Xenon Platinum halogen bulbs that boast clear illumination in bad weather or dark. Also, this pair of headlights is extremely cost-effective with a price tag below $100.

Pontiac Grand Prix Base/ GXP/ GT  2004-2008 Black Housing Halogen Headlights

Whether you drive a base trim of the Grand Prix or one of the sportier versions like the GXP or GT, black headlight replacements bring your car back in-tune on the roads and highways with a strengthened appearance. Affordable and stylish is what all headlight buyers want when replacing their headlamps and this halogen headlight set for 04-08 Pontiac Grand Prix models bring a whole new appearance to your vehicle.

Thinking about replacing the Tail Lights of your Pontiac Grand Prix?

Tail lights are just as important as your headlights and if your Grand Prix model has dimming tail lights or one that has completely burnt out or shattered, below are tail lights for older model Pontiacs Grand Prix models that may interest your budget and style.

Pontiac Grand Prix 2004-2008 Black Housing LED Tail Lights

If you’re ready to add a new sense of brightness to your tailgate? LED lights bring dull tail lights back to life with a burning red color that makes your car look ten years newer. If you’re upgrading your headlights with a black housing style, check out these black LED lights for the rear of your car, specifically designed for Grand Prix models between 04 and 08.

Smoked LED tail lights for the Grand Prix are also available. Gain more longevity and add some more sport to your car with darker tail lights that give a smokey look.

Order Your New Pontiac Grand Prix Headlights Today!

It’s unwise to drive with a busted headlight or tail light for too long. Drivers risk collision with other vehicles and traffic citations if they don’t promptly fix the matter. You must ask yourself, why spend the extra money having a mechanic do a simple task like replacing headlights or tail lights when you are fully capable of a simple and quick task?

Replacing your own headlights doesn’t take a college degree. Only patience, and attention to detail. You may be surprised how much money you can save by repairing or replacing the headlights of your Grand Prix on your own so find the best quality headlights for your Pontiac and make the switch yourself. You won’t regret it!

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