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Stunt Your Enthusiasm: “Fall Guy” Movie Scorches Summer Screen

The modern blockbuster is one of the summer’s straightforward “mostly family-friendly” offerings! Critics claimed over the past year that some recent films have not held onto the same production values that made the movies of yesterday so great. The “Fall Guy” Movie scorches the summer screen with a great duo of leading actors and heaps of action! 

“Fall Guy” Movie Scorches Summer Screen

The Vulture film critic began by musing that Ryan Gosling can even make the dorkiest stunt jacket look cool! As the star of “Fall Guy”, Gosling plays Colt Seavers, a wisecracking and very skilled Hollywood stunt double. Emily Blunt is his well-cast love interest, who is a camera assistant on the set. A  jump off of an elevator gone wrong renders Colt unable to carry on his duties.

Desperate to Avoid Dead-End Status:

As the film catches up with Colt’s predicament, he is very desperate and working as a valet attendant. He gets a call out of the blue from a producer asking him to come to Australia. His love interest Jody is now directing a film about a cowboy romance in outer space. 

When Colt arrives on the set, it turns out that he has not been completely forgiven for breaking off communication with Jody. She then plays a very intense game of “cat-and-mouse” by having Colt perform incredibly difficult stunts. It’s hilarious to see him set on fire, while also helplessly in love! 

“Take a Look at Me Now”:

One of the best elements this movie offers is, not surprisingly, within the stunts themselves. They are choreographed so well that they seem as if they are specially designated for each character’s persona. The action scenes are embedded in the film as vivid reflections of Colt’s loneliness. One scene that will become instantly legendary is Jody Karaokeing Phil Collins “Take a Look At Me Now”. 

As he begins to miss Jody more and more, the stunt sequences become more intense. Viewers are treated to everything from helicopter numbers to very in-depth cannon explosions. Audiences who have seen “Fall Guy” reflected that the chemistry on-screen is authentic. 

A Throwback to Character-Driven Masterpieces:

One of the reasons to love this movie is that the director David Leitch has his roots firmly planted in heart-stopping pictures such as John Wick. Instead of delving into overplayed and visually complex scenarios, he creates his own unique formula for success. A rare breed of humor, mystery, and romance now exist as the film’s creative ammunition. 

Gosling showed the world in Barbie” that he truly can accomplish almost any convincing feat onscreen. The world-class “Roger Ebert” review portal recognizes another one of the film’s prevailing themes. These hard-working “Fall Guys” worldwide put quite a bit on the line to quickly flash a thumb-up to show they made it through unharmed. 

Are There Any Sweet Vehicles in The Movie??

The Motor1.com team clearly remembers the “truck that jumped into their hearts” during each episode of the original show. It aired from 1981-1986, and starred Lee Majors alongside Heather Loclear. The automotive star of the show was a 1982 GMC K2K500 Sierra Grande. It was known for its glistening chrome, whip antenna, and roll bar

The Hummer EV Pickup is shown at the beginning of the film with the duty of lugging a camera crane. The Sierra AT4X is also depicted and even gets to fly victorious over a wall lined with plants. While this colorful remake doesn’t include as varied a cast as, say, the Transformers franchise, it still rocks hard! 

In a Deep-Fake-Rich World, Authenticity is Appreciated

The well-written plot will still be a permanent fixture in cinema but has “gone missing” in some of the recent pictures that had high expectations. Greats such as Scorcese have still been chalking up major wins at the box office. Killers of the Flower Moon showed the world last year that AI-generated effects won’t dominate the screen entirely. 

Critics loved the fact that “The Fall Guy” pushed back a bit against the masses that have over-hyped synthetic production. This picture has proven that true chemistry and old-school production can still win fans over. It also has helped ring true with the notion that laughing at yourself a bit is never harmful! 

Will “The Fall Guy” Make Your Summer Blockbuster List?

Does this movie look like it will entice you enough to buy the ticket AND the popcorn? Many viewers have loved its true-to-form delivery. It seems to have all the Right Stuff to be a great pick for a date movie or even a long-awaited guys night out. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or check out another article about one YouTuber’s crazy stunt that got out of hand!

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