A couple of years back, Ford announced they were halting all sedan production in America. On July 31, 2020, the last Ford Fusion left the factory—officially putting Ford out of the sedan business. But the 2022 Ford Fusion Active proves they’re ready to battle in the wagon segment.

Is the Ford Fusion Active an Outback ripoff?

There’s no denying that the new Fusion Active is in direct competition of the Subaru Outback. Sure, there are other wagons out there, but this ride just oozes Outback.

However, it’s not the model’s first foray into wagon territory. In fact, Ford’s European variant of the Fusion (called the Mondeo) already has its own station wagon version.

Basically, the Fusion Active is a slightly souped-up version of the original Fusion.

All-wheel drive, ground clearance and a four-liter engine

The most notable features for the wagon is the addition of all-wheel drive across the board, a lift of the body (to an extent) and outdoorsy aesthetics.

If I know anything about Ford, the market is likely to see a plug-in hybrid version of the beast. This, of course, will be in addition to the two-liter I-4 engine that comes standard.

Overall, the car will likely start on the low end of the $30,000 range, with trim and package upgrades bringing it up to as much as $40,000.

The Fusion Active is likely to come equipped with Ford’s latest headlight technology

The newest and coolest Ford vehicles come with their own version of automatic headlights. Their Adaptive Headlamps feature can differentiate bends in the road to help you see better at night. Cornering in the dark can make it really difficult to see, and it’s easy to go too fast. This kind of technology really ups a vehicle’s safety game.

There’s also the possibility that the vehicle will score Auto High-Beam Headlights from the Ford Co-Pilot 360 package. Of course, there’s always a chance Ford will unveil something totally new when the time comes to drop off this model to the general public.

Other changes in the Ford lineup set to accompany the Fusion Active

The Bronco is getting a new trim level and the Bronco Sport is upping its game with active safety. The EcoSport has a new appearance package and the Expedition will offer the Co-Pilot 360 suite as an option. And lest we forget that the Ford F-150 is getting electrified in the coming years. Maybe, just maybe, all these changes and more add up to something big for Ford.

Full disclosure from my Fusion-owning self

The funny thing about the Ford Fusion Active is that it’s a direct, well, fusion of my own car and my boyfriend’s. See, I have a 2017 Ford Fusion and he just scored himself a 2021 Subaru Outback. This new wagon from the American automaker is like our own two rides in the driveway.

The only thing is that the 2022 Ford Fusion Active is probably a lot less impressive in off-road conditions. All things considered, I have a feeling that’s a fair assumption to make about this new sedan-turned-wagon from Ford itself. 

Rachel Curry
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    1. Wagons are just too practical for the average user. Great move on Ford’s part, we just need the Svt version to make it exciting!

    2. I enjoy seeing when a car comes out with a new design. This one is really nice, but I’m still gonna stay with Honda

    3. This is giving me old lady van vibes. I would not think of the outback at all when seeing it. Feels like a completely different vehicle than the fusion also. It deserves its own name.

    4. Those headlights are a really key safety product, allowing for a much wider range of visibility.

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