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Top Car Advertisements From Super Bowl 57 2023

The Super Bowl is one of the most coveted advertising slots in the world. That’s why every major brand wants to showcase its products and services during the 30-second ad spot. During the Super Bowl 57 on Sunday night, we noticed there was a massive shortage of car-based advertisements. Only three automotive manufacturers; General Motors, Stellantis and Hyundai, actually took part in the festivities.

This short list of Super Bowl car advertisements could be due to the mass car part shortage and shipping issues plaguing the industry at the moment. As every car manufactured is being sold instantly, do automotive manufacturers actually need the extra advertisement right now? Also, the mind-blowing cost of an ad, $7 million for thirty seconds, for an industry still trying to bounce back from the pandemic would stop anyone from pitching a Super Bowl commercial idea.

All things considered, it’s not really the time or place for automakers to be dishing out the funds to attract new buyers. Until shortages subside, the main goal is to get back to a sense of normalcy. With that said, there were a few standout commercials that are worth checking out. Here are the advertisements that did make people’s screens. From viral sensations to dancing animals, 2023 brought variety to live television. There was something for everyone.

Ram “Premature Electrification”

Ram’s tongue-in-cheek advertisement for their new 1500 REV electric pickup truck was one of the biggest advertising hits this year. It has received a lot of positive, funny reviews online, making it a genius move from the automotive manufacturer. Ram decided to release their newest arrival a mere six weeks after releasing the concept car, which is mind-blowing.

It was an advertising risk to have such an innuendo-filled ad, especially during a show watched by millions of families. Still, it was completed so well that it would have gotten enough laughs from any adults watching it. That’s to say it couldn’t be called offensive. It is a memorable, clever ad from Ram and an excellent start from the car manufacturer.

Jeep “Electric Boogie”

This advertisement from Jeep is definitely one for the kids. The ad itself was not a new concept as it contains a range of animals dancing to a Shaggy-produced remix of the classic reggae hit by Marcia Griffiths. The song blasts from both the Wrangler 4xe and Grand Cherokee 4xe in the commercial.

Not only do various animals approve of Jeep’s new releases, but so do the fun-loving passengers driving their way through various environments. While this has an air of “I have seen this ad before”, it is catchy and no doubt any animal-loving kids will be watching it again on YouTube.

General Motors “Why Not an EV?”

Yes, Will Ferrell is back as the advertising maestro for General Motors. This time he is highlighting the new partnership between GM and Netflix. In short, Netflix will be using primarily General Motors vehicles in their shows. So expect more Chevrolets and Cadillacs all over your screens in the near future. Ferrell explains this new partnership by depicting himself in some of Netflix’s most iconic shows. While General Motors will be heavily featured in Netflix production from now on, don’t expect these American models on every original series. For example, the cast of “Bridgerton” will not be swapping their horses for a Cadillac anytime soon. This ad contained the quick wit and humor everyone expected from Ferrell and was overall enjoyable to watch.

Chevrolet “Go Beyond”

This Chevrolet advertisement for the Silverado ZR2 is a typical car ad one might expect. The Silverado ZR2 drives quickly through a range of scenic snow-covered mountains while showing off its excellent handling skills. There are some incredible shots from the Silverado and the place in which the ad is filmed. While this ad isn’t the most exciting car advertisement to grace the Super Bowl, it did show off Chevrolet’s new release so well there may have been some casual googling of the Silverado ZR2 after the show. Sometimes the traditional approach works.

Kia “Binky Dad”

Another stand-out Superbowl ad came from Kia in the form of “Binky Dad.” It follows a flustered Dad rapidly driving through city streets in a Kia Telluride X-Pro SUV to retrieve his child’s “binky” from home. While in hot pursuit of said “binky” through construction sites and several other obstacles, he becomes a viral sensation. The conclusion of the advertisement will be streamed exclusively on the social media platform TikTok. There, fans can watch three alternative endings to the original advert. It is a fun and creative take on a parent’s worst nightmare. And perhaps an even cleverer way to showcase the new SUV’s speed and handling.

The Dawn Project

This Dawn Project advertisement was only aired in Washington D.C., California, New York, Texas, Florida and Georgia as it targets people, politicians and regulators in these specific states about the safety of the Tesla “Self-driving” mode. Its anti-Tesla ad shows how dangerous the automated/not-automated system is as it shows a Tesla driving straight into a child dummy, an empty child’s pram and various other scenarios. It calls for a complete ban on the Tesla system by the NHTSA and other lawmakers. It is definitely different to the other automotive advertisements aired during the Super Bowl, but if the system really is this dangerous, then maybe it should be highlighted.

Universal Studios “Fast X Official Trailer”

While this isn’t necessarily a car advertisement, it is car-based so we will include it. The final instalment of the Fast and the Furious series is finally here, Fast X. This start-studded finale is packed full of drama, epic cars, and stunts like you have never seen before. Everyone’s favourite characters from the last ten films are back for one last job, except for the noted absence of The Rock. Jason Momoa plays the bad guy, finally trying to take down Dom and his family.

While some of the stunts are more superhero than car fanatic, it still contains scenes with Dom’s iconic 1970 Dodge Charger. For an automotive fan, it is worth watching. Fast X will be released on May 19th this year and is the first installment in The Fast and The Furious epic finale.

While 2023 didn’t bring as many car commercials as previous years, the theme of this year was definitely quality over quantity. The seven car-based ads that were shown contained various scenarios and creativity. This broad spectrum indicates not only the vast amount of avenues one can go down to create a great car ad but also how integral cars are to our everyday lives. In other words, how would “Binky Dad” rescue the all-important “binky” without a Kia Telluride X-Pro SUV?

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