Over the past few months, hundreds of thousands of people have found themselves working their jobs remotely. And, while most telecommute from the comfort of their own home offices, many do business from their cars, and depending on their position, some end up working from their cars almost exclusively.

Working from your car can come with its own set of challenges though. Without the right tools and resources, it can be downright stressful and uncomfortable. Thankfully, we live in an age where working from your car can be easier than ever, thanks to clever products and new technology. If you find yourself working from your car, we’ve got some useful tips and tricks that’ll help you transform your car into an office on-the-go. 

Invest in a phone mount

working from your car with a phone mount

Let’s face it: in this day and age, most jobs are done almost exclusively from computers or smartphones. If you’re taking calls all day, or are driving to meet prospective customers, having a smartphone mount is essential when you’re working from your car. 

Not only does keeping your phone at eye-level make it easier to do quick tasks when you’re pulled over or parked, it makes answering calls and navigating while you’re driving so much safer. 

Always keep a pen & notebook on hand 

While a lot of work nowadays is certainly done electronically, you should never underestimate the benefits of always having a trusty notebook and pen with you when you’re working from your car. 

How many times do you find yourself taking notes while you’re on the phone? What about writing down important information you need to remember for later? If you always carry a notepad and pen with you in your car, you’ll always be prepared. 

Make a snack-stash 

Being on the road all day can be tiring, especially if you don’t have time to stop for a proper meal. It’s always a good idea to have a few nonperishable snacks on hand in your car in case of an emergency, but it’s a rule that applies when you’re working from your car as well. 

Make sure you stay fueled and energized all day by packing your car stash full of snacks like nuts and seeds, granola bars, and dried fruit. Oh – and don’t forget your reusable water bottle to stay hydrated! 

Tip: if you stop through the drive-through and want to eat in your car without making a mess, use a shower caddy to organize your food. Perfect solution for on-the-go meals! 

Try tinted windows

Working in your car all day can get extremely hot and uncomfortable, especially in the summer months. Keep yourself cooler and shaded from the sun by tinting your windows. 

With this tutorial from Popular Mechanics, you’ll learn how to tint windows yourself (and save a ton of money while doing it). 

Download the right apps

waze logo

There’s an app for everything these days, so of course there are several apps out there that can make working from your car much easier. Some of our favorites include Waze, a popular navigation app that alerts you to things like wrecks, police, and traffic jams beforehand, and MileIQ, which makes tracking mileage a piece of cake. Being able to accurately track your car’s mileage is essential. Remember this if you’re self-employed or your company is reimbursing you based on how much you drive.

Looking for more helpful road apps? Check out our list of the most essential driving apps!  

Make calls easier with a bluetooth headset

Many newer cars come with automatic phone pairing capabilities, making it easy to answer calls hands-free. If you have an older car though, answering calls can be distracting – not to mention you can be pulled over in many states for holding your phone while driving. 

If you’re working from an older car, consider investing in a bluetooth headset so you can answer phones hands-free. Depending on your budget, you can find options for as low as $30! 

Try a portable desk organizer 

Our last tip to make working from your car more organized and ultimately less stressful, is to use a car desk. Trying to use your laptop or tablet without some sort of flat surface is difficult, and can cause unnecessary strain on your neck and back. 

Instead, try a portable car desk organizer to make your life so much easier. From providing a flat, raised surface to use your laptop from, to helping to create some much needed storage space, having a car desk can bring working from your car to a whole new level of comfort. And to keep everything clean and hygienic, make sure to follow these car sanitization tips.

Claire Biggerstaff
Claire Biggerstaff is a freelance writer and photographer from Charlotte, NC. Her curiosity leads her to write about a wide variety of topics. On her off days, she enjoys reading Polygon articles, and curling up to a good YouTube playlist.

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    1. This is a great article, in this day and age, I know a lot of people working from home, but also from their car. Some of these tips are great if you spend a lot of time working from your car.

    2. I needed this. I spend a lot of time working form my car these days. I went crazy with a MoFi cell modem where I load balance ATT and Verizon. Also threw in a cellular booster. I need to stay connected!

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