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Top 5 Most Important Safety Features For Your Car

When shopping for a new car, safety should be your top priority. You see automotive brands bragging about 5-star ratings, but rarely do they dive into the features that make a car actually safe. For safety enthusiasts, this article will give you the top 5 most important safety features to consider in your next purchase. Trust us, you can’t drive without them. 

5 safety features you can’t drive without 

The next time you go to test drive a car, forget about the horsepower and two-tone paint options, its time to get back to basics. Read on to discover the most crucial safety features to look out for when shopping for your next ride. Remember, it doesn’t matter whether you buy old or new, a car must come standard with these 5 important safety features. 


When you think of safety, nothing quite resonates like airbags in a car. With today’s safety standards, you find airbags located at all areas of impact, including the steering wheel, dashboard, and sides of your vehicle. A car without quality airbags is not a car worth buying. Therefore, next time you go to test drive a used vehicle, make sure the airbags are in check. With that said, also make sure the airbags have not been recalled

Adaptive headlights

Most of the new models come equipped with adaptive headlights. These innovative headlamps take visibility to the next level by offering illumination at different elevations. It even goes as far as dimming its brightness when oncoming cars are approaching. By purchasing a ride with adaptive headlights, you improve your safety tenfold.


Nothing screams safety more than an advanced brake system. Anti Lock brakes are crucial for preventing loss of control. For example, when you have to hit the brakes hard on a short stop. A driver might cut you off and your only option is to slam on those reliable brakes. Anti lock brakes will avert any out of control spring due to wheels locking. 

Electronic Stability Control 

The electronic stability control system is what prevents your car from sliding or skidding when an accident occurs. The sensors detect when the car moves outside of its intended lane. This includes wheels spinning, sideways movements, and loss of steering. As a response, the electronic stability control features will initiate the brakes to help the driver regain control. 

Watch the video below to see what happens when a Lamborghini doesn’t have electronic stability:


In comparison to the antilock brake system, traction plays a crucial role in preventing your vehicle from losing control. With good traction, your wheels can withstand slippery conditions and varying weather more easily. 

Safety features that make car buying easy

We know shopping for a new vehicle takes time and patience. With the wide variety of used and certified pre-owned SUVs and sedans roaming the automotive market, it’s really hard to choose.

However, the safety features mentioned above are some of the most important to consider, especially when buying an older make or model. When you buy a used car it comes with its own baggage, or history before you. That could mean recalls, accidents, or poor maintenance. 

As its new owner it is crucial for you to make sure safety features are not sacrificed. Any car can be made good if safety is in mind.

Is your car missing any of these key safety features? Comment below.


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