Top LED Headlight Bulbs for 2020

Top LED Bulbs for Cars in 2020

Looking for ways to enhance your vehicle style without breaking the bank? Simplicity is everything when it comes to car modifications and if you’re out searching for DIY car projects in 2020, replacing those old and cruddy halogen lights with new LED bulbs will brighten your travels as well as your highway image.

Simple to replace, affordable, and most of all satisfying. Changing out your old headlight bulbs is a simple task that enlightens your vehicle in multiple ways and here are our top LED car bulb recommendations for drivers and car owners who can’t wait to make the switch.

Popular LED headlight bulbs

Diode Dynamics H8 SLW LED Headlight Pair

If excellence is what you’re after in a new pair of LED bulbs for your car or truck Diode Dynamics gives drivers reliable, long-lasting quality. Designed to provide high-level clarity no matter the weather elements and temps where you regularly commute, this pair is powered by 20.2 watts with a 5-16 V operating voltage. Gain the lighting element you’ve always wanted with 1630 lumens per bulb and a color temp of 5700k which gives that cool white look at night time.

ZDATT LED Headlight Bulbs

If affordability is on your mind during your search for new LED headlight bulbs, then you may be interested in the ZDATT LED bulbs. Fitted for H4, H7, H8, H9, and H1, this product is said to be 200% brighter than halogen bulbs with 12000 lumens per bulb.

The ZDATT LEDs offer color temperatures ranging from 3000k yellow, 6000k white, and 8000k blue, you can customize your choice for whichever fits your car’s style best. Look to a life worthy of 50,000-hours and with the turbofan design for cooling, there is less chance for overheating.

ALLA S-HCR Combo LED Headlight Bulbs

Extremely bright, easy to install, and with a lifespan that’s above 30,000 hours, the Alla LED headlight bulbs give drivers an easy way to install fresh bulbs with generous clarity and brightness, for all types of road elements.

With LED chips constructed from 6063 aviation aluminum which adds the convenience of rain proofing and a longer lifespan, these bulbs can be used as high or low beams and even daytime running lights. Enjoy simple harness connectivity, but keep in mind that European vehicles may require a load resistor upon installation to prevent error codes or bulb blinking.

BeamTech LED Headlight Bulbs

With an affordable price tag and easy-to-install for the most novice driver, the BeamTech LED bulbs deliver excellent illumination with the Korean CSP LED chips. With 4000 Lumens in each bulb and 6500k white color light, expect clarity when traveling in the dark or through the next rainstorm.

Powered by 50-watts and holding a lifespan of 30,000+ hours, this pair of bulbs don’t burn as hot as halogen lights, utilize less power, and are the ideal choice for sedans or sports cars.

Fitted for the H8, H9, and H11 headlight housing sizes, BeamTech LED bulbs truly take your vehicle’s style to a whole new level.

Fahren LED Bulbs

Smaller in design, and brighter than your current halogen headlight bulbs the Fahren super bright, waterproof LED bulbs and conversion kit really takes your nighttime vision to the next level. This pair comes with an additional decoder for certain models that may have electrical issues with aftermarket bulbs.

With a 6500k cool white color, 10,000 lumens, and fitted for H8, H9, and H11 headlight sizes, Fahren makes connectivity as easy as 1-2-3. With a super focused beam and drivers can look to 200-meters of visual distance which is excellent if you live in an area with limited streetlights.

Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs

If you’re searching for an all-in-one conversion kit for H8, H9, or H11 size headlamps, the Cougar Motor LED headlight bulbs are favored by many and come at an affordable cost. With 60W and high luminous 6000k. The turbo-cooling fan maximizes lifespan and longevity up to 50,000+ hours.

Hikari Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs

If you want innovative LED bulbs for your luxury sports car, this pair of 6000k cool white LEDs claim one of the best beam patterns and fits H11, H8, and H9 sizes. Per pair, the 12,000 lumens make your old halogen lights look like birthday candles. Hikari advances the stealthiness of your import project car or luxury sedan and SUV. Pricier than average LED bulbs, but worth the quality and craftsmanship.

iBrightstar Newest 9-30V Super Bright Low Power LED Bulbs for Tail Lights

Tired of your dull brake lights? You might as well match the lighting style of your back bumper with new LED brake lights and iBrightstar is an affordable brake light bulb.

Using lower levels of power and housed in a durable aluminum casing and a projection lens encapsulated by a grid of chips, this bulb pair also functions with a load resistor which prevents the rapid-flash effect which is common for tome turn signals.

Why Choose LED Lights for your car?

There are a ton of reasons why drivers are switching to LED lights. These bulbs tend to be:

  • Smaller and more durable than normal halogen bulbs
  • They utilize less power and wattage than factory headlights
  • Road clarity and driver vision increase with the provided detail on the road due to white light colors that illuminate with brighter clarity
  • LED lights do not burn as hot as normal lights

Explore headlights and bulb options that fit your car model best and easily make the change yourself by researching your owner’s manual or LED light installation instructions. Once you pinpoint the LED headlight bulbs that match your car style and visual preference best, begin your headlight installation and take on the highways with profound brightness.

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