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Top-Rated Vehicles for Uber Drivers in 2022

Wondering what the best vehicles for Uber drivers are? Consider yourself one of many in 2022. With the cost of living at an all-time high, Uber has managed to attract a record number of drivers in recent months. The good news is, all you need is a safe and reliable vehicle, valid driver’s license and a clean background check to get started.

Yet because rideshare driving is the most practical way to earn supplemental funds, there is quite a bit of competition out there. Which means, the passenger’s overall experience is more important than some might assume. Those end-of-ride ratings can make or break your driver score. As a result, many newly appointed Uber drivers are taking a second look at their vehicle.

Does my car offer the best experience for passengers? 

Aside from standard four door seating, Uber’s strict vehicle requirements mean drivers must own a relatively new car. And in most cases, the newer the vehicle, the more likely passengers will find comfort both in seating and in the standard safety tech. All in all, if you’re interested in rideshare driving has peaked, you’ll want the right vehicle to get the job done. Here’s a look at some of the t0p-rated vehicles for Uber drivers in 2022.

Best vehicles for Uber drivers

In order to compile this list, we based our choices on comfort, safety, and convenience. But that’s not all. Now that gas prices are wrecking havoc for commuters and ride share drivers, costs need to be kept low. So, to help those interested in starting a career with Uber or taking up a new side hustle, we suggest the following 2022 models for guaranteed 5-star reviews:

Honda Civic

The 2022 Honda Civic is a standout model for all kinds of reasons. First and foremost, it boosts an excellent fuel economy, getting up to 33 mpg for city / 42 highway. Although it’s technically classified as a compact sedan, the Civic is anything but confining. Once seated in the interior, passengers will quickly appreciate the spacious and comfortable seating with 37.4 inches of rear-seat legroom. The acclaim doesn’t stop there. All Civic trims include top-of-the-line safety features that offer peace of mind when riding to your next location.

Kia Sorento Hybrid

As far as SUVs go, Uber drivers have a lot of options. However, we can’t help but keep coming back to the Kia Sorento Hybrid as one of the best. Not only does it deliver a modern style with guaranteed comfort, the passenger seating is one of the most spacious on our list. With 40.7 inches of legroom, adults will never feel they are cramping into the backseat. With the elegant design also comes a 10.25-inch touch screen with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for ideal ride share entertainment.

Hyundai Elantra

We’ve been loving on the Elantra for quite some time now. Simply because it is the best value for the money, in our opinion With a MSRP of $20,500, you’re offered a stylish ride with easy-to-use car tech and an assortment of advanced safety features included. With 38 inches of legroom, the backseat is plenty spacious for a day or night of transporting multiple passengers.That is why it makes perfect sense for this low cost model to make our list of the best vehicles for Uber drivers in 2022.

Toyota Venza

The OG Venza phased out in 2015, maybe you might remember. The reason being was a shift in consumer preference and growing competition among the market. However, last year our interest is this model was reborn again. We gave readers a first-hand look at the newly electrified Toyota Venza, which is the one we’re talking about today. Yup, you read that right. The Venza is now an all-hybrid crossover that gets close to 40 mpg. Honestly, we think the Venza is a great option for Uber drivers because all-wheel drive comes standard and the panoramic glass roof is sure to impress passengers for a high scoring experience. To make the deal even sweeter, the Venza comes equipped with Toyota Safety Sense for the best protection on the road.

Is Uber driving worth the money?

All things considered, Uber is still a great side hustle for those in need of extra cash each month. Though you won’t get rich instantly, ride sharing is really one of the best ways to increase your monthly revenues without dedicating significant time or energy. With the cars mentioned above, you’ll definitely find ways to save on vehicle expenses this year while still giving passengers the ultimate experience en route to their next destination.

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