Top Gear for Your Overland Expedition

Unleashing Your Inner Explorer: Top Gear for Your Overland Expedition

Your tents, climbing gear, sleeping bags, and backpacks may have recently been calling you to escape the concrete jungle! Even if you feel you are already equipped for a self-reliant adventure, there are always more excellent products to add to the mix. The staff on duty at Car and Driver offered up some great ideas this month for top gear for your overland expedition. 

Extra lights, jacks, and sturdier gear are just a few of the items that can stoke your pioneer spirit! Many newbies have been known to just jump in the truck and take their chances with the elements. Modern communication methods have improved drastically, but there are still many things that could go wrong. The top gear for your overlanding expedition can bring you more comfort as well as precautionary measures

Top Gear for Your Overland Expedition

Overlanders tend to be very self-sufficient, and choose to “leave no trace” of their jaunt. Here are some of the excellent products out there today that will aid you on your next expedition!

Roofnest Falcon Rooftop Tent: 

This is a very top-of-the-line overlanding tent model that makes your entire process a breeze! Simply extend the ladder, flip a pair of latches, and push the Falcon to fully deployed. It’s surprisingly spacious inside and provides an excellent way to remain poised high overnight. We picked this option because it ranks as tough enough for the elements. 

The ARB E-Z Deflator Kit:

Overlanding can render you in many situations that see you dealing with unwanted rocks or sand. AFB originated from Australia’s very challenging Top End and is revered for their durability. This device makes the task of adjusting tire pressure lighting-fast and simple. With an XXL readout and industry-leading accuracy, it can also be purchased with an extended valve for beadlocks. 

The ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor:

Once the job of deflating your tires is finished, you’ll frequently have to do just the opposite. An air compressor is one of the tools that you simply can’t live without on an excursion! It is constructed with lightweight and very high-quality materials. The motor is thermally protected to endure the most extreme of temperatures. Additionally, you can install this compressor directly under the hood for easy access. 

The KC HiLites Gravity LED PRO6 Wide 40 2-Light System:

Driving off-road at night is a task that should not be taken on with dim equipment! This awesome system from a world-class brand uses an extra-wide 120-degree flood pattern for ample peripheral lighting. In addition, it features UV-resistant Black Powder Coated Housing, with a beam distance of 104 meters. The lens is also sealed with die-cast housing, and has a shatterproof lens. 

The Warn M8000 Winch:

Warn is a name that has become synonymous with hardcore capability for truck and Jeep lovers worldwide. This bad boy is a 12-volt, vehicle-mounted number that has an 8,000-lb pull capacity. Not to mention, it comes available with WARN Spydura synthetic rope with matte aluminum hawse fairlead. 

The Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack:

Firstly, this is one of those pieces of equipment that simply screams high quality at every inch! It comes from a company that has been in business for over a century. The X-TREME jack is simple to maneuver and is rated at a capacity of 4,660 lbs. Overall, this jack’s steel bar is made from specially rolled carbon steel with remarkably durable 80,000-lb tensile. 

The Midland MXT115 Two-Way Radio:

Part of the thrill of overlanding properly is setting up your own fully-functioning base station! If you choose to not stay put and opt for roaming, this is still the gadget for you. The MXT115 boasts triple the range of other radios, along with all 8 repeater GMRS channels. Don’t let the small size fool you: the clarity of the speaker is amazing. This product has incredibly high reviews, and is one of the most efficient spacesavers we’ve ever seen! 

The Mcmurdo Fast Find 220 Locator Beacon:

A few days into an overlanding trip offers rewarding and very memorable times. In the unlikely event that something very seriously does go wrong, the Mcmurdo Fast Find 220 Locator Beacon will come in handy. And if all else fails, this is the most effective way to get a search and rescue team to know that you are in dire trouble. It’s a very premium-grade device that has been tried and tested in some of the world’s most remote locations

The Gerber Gear E-Tool Folding Spade:

Lastly, we picked this item because it’s very lightweight, and right there ready for you the second trouble comes. It comes with a folding, aluminum shaft, and serrated blade edge. It’s the perfect addition to overland camping accessories and off-road essentials. For over 70 years, this Oregon-based brand has been creating segment-leading goods, with this shovel being no exception. 

Conclusion on Top Gear for Your Overland Expedition:

Are you a fan of escaping the city and traversing the wild for days? Let us know if you have found any gadgets or other accessories that have made the task much easier. To conclude, we hope that you get to enjoy many hours of ruts, rocks, and ravines this fall! You can check out another article here about a very cool off-road adventure camper as well.

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