Upgrading Lincoln Navigator Headlights & Tail Lights

Upgrading Lincoln Navigator Headlights & Tail Lights

The Lincoln Navigator has a reputation as one of the most popular luxury SUVs for families and businesses. If you’re driving a Lincoln Navigator, there’s the chance that you have a sophisticated taste in cars, you crave exquisite comfort, and you love to arrive at every destination in polished style.

Whether you’ve driven a Lincoln SUV for the last decade, or recently purchased a used Lincoln Navigator, the headlights and tail lights on your SUV are key components to maintaining a reliably safe commute. Your lights must be inspected and serviced throughout the years, however, over time it’s extremely wise to consider a full replacement of your headlamps and tail lights to keep your SUV looking sharp and safe.

Why Replace Your Lincoln Navigator Lights?

There’s no question that you put your sport utility vehicle through hell. That’s why you have it in the first place. You need the rugged utility to conquer family outings, road trips, and your favorite campgrounds. You love your SUV because it works amazingly for carpooling and packing-in a week’s worth of groceries or your weekend landscaping haul.

Your Lincoln Navigator takes on the road and weather elements daily, but while doing so, the exterior is affected most. The paint job, rubber lining around the windows, as well as the headlights and tail lights, take on most of the abuse too. When components that are essential to your safety like your brake lights and headlights are affected, it’s time to switch them out for something brighter and longer lasting.

Popular Headlight and Tail light Options for the Lincoln Navigator

Below, is the top headlights and tail lights for older model Lincoln Navigators and how the listed brands benefit drivers who are on the lookout for an affordable aftermarket headlight replacement.

Halogen Chrome Housing 1998-2002 Lincoln Navigator and the 2002 Blackwood

Are you after a clean and crisp headlights look for your Lincoln Navigator? This headlight housing offers the clarity most drive seek at an affordable cost. The halogen bulbs work great inside the chrome housing with the clear lense and rest easy knowing the inner reflectors are DOT and SAE compliant.

The PERDE Solar Series Platinum 9007 Xenon-Enhance bulbs work ideally with this headlight set and the combination is all together affordable for the simple DIY headlamp replacement for 1998-2002 Lincoln Navigators.

PERDE 1998-2002 Lincoln Navigator Headlights w/Black Housing

For drivers who wish to switch from the ordinary chrome look to headlights with a black bezel housing, this pair by PERDE is an affordable choice for drivers of Lincoln Navigator models from 98’ to 02. With inner reflectors along with amber turn signal reflectors, these headlights install just like factory headlights do, so don’t sweat any aftermarket harnessing cables.

Halogen Headlight Assembly (Not for Factory HID Bulbs) Fits 2003-2006 Lincoln Navigator

On the pricier side, these halogen headlights for the Lincoln Navigator, enlighten your vehicle’s front end and they do not require any new harnessing or wiring connectors. The step-by-step installation is easy to follow, but drivers should keep in mind that this pair is not rated for factory HID bulbs. So be sure to investigate your Lincoln Navigator headlight bulbs before your purchase.

PERDE 2003-2006 Lincoln Navigator Black Housing Headlamp Set

Install these headlights for 03’ through 06’ Lincoln Navigator models like you would with any stock headlights. This housing body gives the black sharpness and sporty appeal to your luxury SUV. This pair comes with amber reflectors and pairs nicely with the Perde Solar Series low and high-beam bulbs.

The PERDE Black housing headlamps are slightly pricier than normal, but drivers will fully enhance their style at a lower cost than most headlights for luxury SUVs.

ANZO Black Housing Halogen Headlights Compatible with Lincoln Navigator 2003-2006

This pair of black housing headlights are similar to the PERDE brand, but cost a little extra because the lenses offer a polycarbonate material that increases clarity. This pair is simple and quick to install and in addition, the OEM style weather-tight connection keeps moisture out which is essential for long-lasting quality in new headlamps.

Altezza 1998-2002 Lincoln Navigator Tail Lights (Chrome)

Searching for the clean chrome look for your tailgate lights? These clear tail lights sport the chrome reflector-style with three brake lights in-line with a vertical formation. Suited for Lincoln Navigator models between 98’ and 02’, these tail lights truly make an older SUV look a few years newer and better yet they’re so easy to install plus affordable.

Black Housing LED Tail Light for 2003-2006 Lincoln Navigator

Want that smokey-stealth style for your tailgate? Why keep the same vehicle image and stick with ordinary tail lights if you’re upgrading to newer and brighter LED lights? This pair of black Lincoln Navigator tail lights fully dial in your SUV’s style with a sporty uplift.

For those car owners who don’t mind spending a little extra on LED tail lights, this pair does the trick if you’re really wanting to switch up your appearance in traffic. Plus, LED tail lights offer more illumination than factory-made lights.

Check out Other Lincoln Navigator Accessories!

Wondering if you should slap on a new front grill to make your SUV’s front end look even newer? Explore a handful of other Lincoln Navigator accessories and shop affordable SUV parts designed to put life and style back into your ride.

Drivers can rearrange the style of an older luxury SUV easily in today’s world of technology and information. If you’re revamping an old family SUV, installing new headlights and tail lights is an easy and great way to get started!

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    1. If you are really taking advantage of the utility in your sports utility vehicle, a headlight replacement may be in your near future. Any time you are taking your vehicle on a road trip, it is enduring a little more wear and tear than usual. If your Lincoln Navigator is taking you on many adventures, the front of your vehicle is getting a lot of wind and likely bugs at those prolonged highway speeds. Different environmental conditions may also cause premature fading. And if you are changing the headlights for a fresh look, why not switch up that look a bit with one of the different options available.

    2. This is a great candidate for a led bulb upgrade. The new model navigator comes with Led headlight from the factory, a led upgrade will make the truck feel new again.

    3. The Lincoln Navigator is a very underrated luxury SUV. Replacing headlights on a vehicle like this is a very good way to make the vehicle look new again.

    4. The latest Lincoln Navigator has to be my favorite SUV on the road. It is absolutely gorgeous! Whichever model year you have, its best in class. If you have an older model, I agree with Andrew and an LED upgrade is a good choice. https://www.headlightsdepot.com/diode-dynamics

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