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What is a Telematics Device?

We’re sure you’ve heard of safe driver programs like Drive Safe & Save with State Farm or SmartRide with Nationwide. Essentially, these types of programs are meant to monitor how well you drive. Perhaps you’re not the best driver in the world, a safe driver program will only help you improve. As of recently, however, we’ve seen all types of drivers become more inclined to sign up for these programs. Mainly, for the purpose of lowering high premiums. While signing up is easy, have you ever wondered how it all works? Keep reading to learn about telematics, and what a telematics device can do for you.

What is a telematics device?

A telematics device is an instrument that you install in your car to track driving behavior. Normally it is provided by your insurance company to help you improve your driving record. With this device, your insurance company will receive concurrent data on how fast you drive, your braking patterns, and the distances you go. All things considered, its one of the easiest ways to let your insurer know you’re serious about improving your driving skills. But telematics, in general, is used by a number of companies and organizations aside from insurance agencies.

Watch the video below to see how telematics systems are used in various industries in the world:

What is the difference between GPS and telematics?

A GPS receiver is normally installed under the dashboard to provide real-time data about the location and status of your vehicle. Drivers nowadays rely on these systems to get them from point A to point B. But typically they come in hand when you’re on road trips and areas outside of your local residence. In many ways, GPS and telematics work together. A telematics device takes that data and sends it directly to your insurance agency.

What is the benefit of having a telematics device?

In general, the main advantage of a telematics system is the opportunity to lower your insurance rate. Granted you’re a decent driver, signing up for a drive safe program is a sure way to land a discount on your premium. With that said, a lot of times drivers agree to a telematics device to help improve their driving record. If you’re pitted against multiple car accidents or tickets and fines, it’s a great idea to install a telematics device in your car.

Overall, the telematics device will keep reminding you to drive safe. Since you are being recorded, you’ll also be more inclined to stay within the speed limit and avoid harsh braking.

How do I install a telematics device?

Now that you understand the advantages of telematics, let’s talk installation. Luckily, thanks to new car tech, many new cars come equipped with this technology. Yay! You may not even have to invest in a telematics device in this case. However, if you don’t have a telematics system already installed, you can simply purchase one online. You can also contact your insurance provider and go with their recommendation as well.

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