Tesla AI Day

What To Expect From ‘Tesla AI Day’

If you want to stay up to date on Elon Musk’s latest endeavors, Twitter is the place to be. The Tesla inventor announced this week he would be hosting a day dedicated to artificial intelligence, known as Tesla AI Day. This comes as no surprise as artificial intelligence has been a hot topic for Tesla in recent months.

The impetus behind this announcement is to highlight the Tesla brand, shining greater light on the manufacturing and software innovation surrounding it. More importantly, Musk is hosting this day of AI to generate employment interest in the EV enterprise. For now, there is no official date set, but it’s expected to create quite a buzz in upcoming weeks. 

Tesla and AI go hand in hand

The EV tycoon has stated in the past that the only way to achieve fully-self driving (FSD) cars is by improving artificial intelligence. The Tesla brand is completely dedicated to this concept. Moreover, the recent pull for more laborers and Giga factories is what will help them achieve this. Its obvious Musk yearns for a more precise AI experience, one that will completely transform the reliability of autonomous vehicles. While challenges continually lie ahead, Musk’s optimism towards the future of AI go hand in hand with the innovation behind Tesla manufacturing. 

Tesla is in need of more manpower, Tesla AI Day might be the solution

Recently, Tesla enthusiasts, including Musk himself, have been advocating for more workforce to join the company. Chris Reilly, Tesla recruiter, explains to youth that a college degree is not necessary, hoping this appeals to a wider and inclusive audience. They are looking for workers “that have that passion, have that drive and want to come make a difference,” Reilly states.

With Tesla in pursuit of more employment, it’s likely Tesla AI Day will shed some light on their plans for more Giga factories as well. So far, Tesla operates out of four locations, three of which are in the United States. With more manpower, the Tesla brand can continue to focus its efforts on revolutionizing the way we drive. Subsequently, perfecting the Tesla supercomputers in time.

Tesla AI Day will serve as an initial recruitment phase. In addition, it will set forth a vision for how artificial intelligence will enhance with Musk’s current vision for the Tesla brand. If you’re a die-hard Tesla fan or simply wanting to learn more about artificial intelligence, Tesla AI Day will offer that. Stay posted on how you can get involved in this special event.

Are you ready for Tesla AI Day?

There is no hiding that the Tesla today is more than just an EV manufacturer. While the innovative tech has captivated us for years, it’s clear their mission is now more focused on autonomous driving. They have already started to make gutsy changes involving their current lineup. For instance, their recent decision to remove radar sensors in Models 3 and Y. This choice, although intentional, is concerning for some drivers who haven’t seen enough information from Tesla to support it. Thus, Tesla AI Day will likely bring some much needed answers to consumers. On top of that, it will hopefully show how these supercomputers will maintain driver safety. 

As we wait for  Tesla AI Day’s big reveal, it’s evident that Tesla is doing everything they can to achieve artificial intelligence that corresponds to real world scenarios. Watch the video below to dive deeper into what’s going on with Tesla this month.



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