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What Type of Car Enthusiast Are You?

All of us can remember the first time driving a car. Whether it was practicing for a driving test in an abandoned parking lot or hitting the open road for the first time, those early days behind the wheel make a lasting impact. However, for some drivers, the excitement to jump in the driver seat begins way before that. Childhood crazes over cars often turn into lifelong passions within a blink of an eye. As a result, there are several types of car enthusiasts around the world. No matter which age you became fascinated by the automotive industry.  Here’s a brief break down to see what type of car enthusiast you really are.

What type of car enthusiast are you? Let’s narrow it down!

Cars have been around for over a century. And since the early stages of production, people have been fascinated by their utility, stylish looks, and performance. Today, there are over 1.4 billion cars in the world. From iconic muscle cars to modern EVs, we simply can’t get over of the versatility of the global car market. Equally significant, there are several different types of drivers on the road as well. Whether you drive for necessity or joy, your car remains an internal part of your daily life.

But for those, like us, who have loved cars for most of their lives, that passion exceeds the everyday driver. Becoming an automotive fanatic is usually sparked by a childhood obsession or life-long feat once you feel the power and performance of driving a vehicle for the first time. Recently, we got to thinking. Nowadays there are so many different ways that cars can impact your life. So, we want to know What type of car enthusiast are you?

Happiest under the hood

Definitely the most popular among classic car collectors, the mechanic car guy loves working on their vehicle as much as they love driving one. They feel rewarded when fixing a repair or tackling a complicated mechanical feat. You’ll never catch them at an auto body shop seeking an oil change. Nor will you rarely see them without grease-stained hands. For the most part, the mechanic car guy is the ultimate DIY car enthusiast.

type of car enthusiast

All about the looks

An appearance car enthusiast typically becomes obsessed with:

While some drivers might see these activities as a chore, an appearance car fanatic takes great satisfaction in making their vehicle look fresh and clean. Not to mention, they would rather spend their days at car shows, further displaying their pride and joy for other enthusiasts to see. Any money spent goes toward upgraded headlights, new rims, and innovative car tech.

type of car enthusiast

The speed racer

Most of us have felt the need for speed from time to time. But, there are certain auto enthusiasts who practically live and breathe for racing. If racing events dictate your social calendar and roaring engines get your heart racing, it’s likely you fall into this category.

The thrill seeker

Do you love off-roading vehicles? Is off-the-grid more your style of driving? Then you are certainly a thrill seeker. These types love a weekend camping trip that require outdoor adventures, both in and outside the vehicle. As long as you have the type of SUV or truck that is equipped for off-road adventures, the fun will never stop.

Vintage collector

Most auto enthusiasts appreciate the history of cars, but some become die-hard collectors in their lifetime. These individuals tend to hold on to vehicles simply for the nostalgia or value. You’ll typically find this type of auto enthusiast at local car auctions scouting out their next investment. In most instances, a collector enthusiast will have a variety of models parked in their garage or warehouse.


To wrap up our list, we can’t forget to mention the auto enthusiasts who simply love it all. From the mechanics to racing to car collecting, we know several drivers out there end up in this category. Admittedly, it’s one of the best ones to be in. With a passion for all-things automotive, you’ll spend a lifetime completely enthralled by the history and innovation that the automotive industry has to offer.

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to read our guide on “What type of car enthusiasts are you?”. If you know of more types that should have been mentioned, feel free to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear your feedback!

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