The pandemic has left us all a little weary of what the future will hold. Your typical brick and mortar shops are suffering from the continual spike in COVID-19 cases, while major corporations, like Walmart, have seen online sales rise to 74% in the first quarter.  

With social distancing guidelines still in place, the way brick and mortar shops do business has completely transformed. It’s become the only way to survive against the e-commerce takeover in recent months – when quarantine boredom led to a rampant increase in online purchases. 

From dumbbells to roller blades to books, the “out of stock” option became a more likely occurrence than receiving a Facebook notification.  

Although the fear of the coronavirus makes staying at home easy, the need for basic necessities and a sense of normalcy remains relevant. The truth is, consumers are seeking convenience more than ever and taking advantage of the recent shift in operations. 

To roll with the times, many professionals are taking their trade out of the shop to give customers a safe and personalized experience. Hairstylists are doing at-home appointments and restaurants are delivering food directly to your car. 

Sounds ideal, right? The pandemic has taken customer service to a completely new level. Despite these uncertain times, we need to thank the service industry for going above and beyond to meet customer needs. 

Along with self-care and entertainment, it is important to maintain your vehicle during the coronavirus outbreak. Safe and convenient car repair may seem like a stretch, but mobile mechanics are here to solve that problem. 

The following will detail the main reasons to hire a mobile mechanic, why its rising in popularity, and a detailed breakdown of how the process works.

Main reasons to hire a mobile mechanic


Right now, the thought of bringing your car to a mechanic and getting stuck in a waiting room for hours seems like the last thing on your to-do list. Instead of wasting hours of your life and risking the possibility of exposure, the mobile mechanic offers unparalleled convenience by coming directly to you. 


Since most mobile mechanics do not require the overhead cost of a garage, they are able to provide better pricing to their customers. By ordering parts on a need-by-need basis, these specialized mechanics are able to keep inventory costs low and avoid upcharging their customers. 


When you hire a mobile mechanic, you speak directly to the person who will perform the work. Unlike a shop or dealership, you speak openly with the mechanic instead of a service manager. You are able to ask questions, make requests, and see the work completed from the comfort of your couch. 

How does it work?

The process is simple. Contact your local mobile mechanic via website or phone. They will ask for your location, vehicle type, and service requirement. Oftentimes, the mechanic can you give a quote on the spot – with a detailed breakdown of labor and mechanical costs. 

Let’s say your car has a broken tail light and you are in desperate need of a replacement. The flexibility of a mobile mechanic allows you to book an appointment immediately. Just choose a day or time that best fits your busy schedule. 

Your mobile mechanic will confirm your appointment, order the correct parts, and arrive at your designated location on time. Keep in mind, the mechanic cannot perform any work on a public street. A driveway, garage, or parking space is required.

Once the service is completed, the mobile mechanic will issue a bill or charge your credit card on file. In return, you can expect a receipt. Some mobile mechanics even provide a full service report of the work performed. 

Car care on-demand

The success of Wrench, Inc. an application service that sends mobile mechanics to your location, has seen 400% growth during COVID-19

The CEO, Ed Peterson, believes the “culture of convenience is out there.” The pandemic has made this notion more apparent than ever. 

He founded the startup in 2016 as a solution to customers’ dissatisfaction with bringing their cars into the mechanic shop. 

Following the trend of Amazon with fast, convenient service, Peterson built an employee base of highly professional mechanics that offer superb customer service. It is obvious their customers have appreciated the safe and efficient service during the pandemic as well. 

Times are changing  

Normalcy is now a thing of the past. With many car owners now leaning towards DIY car care, there are certain jobs that still require the skill of a professional. 

The trend of mobile mechanics will continue to rise due to their convenience and transparent service. The fact is, these highly skilled experts offer something we all crave in today’s climate. 

You have nothing to lose by contacting a mobile mechanic in your area the next time you require a repair.

Michaella Malone
Hello! My name is Michaella Malone. I am a graduate of Florida State University with a B.A. in English. I am a freelance writer with varied experience in ghostwriting, blogging, and resume building. I have additional knowledge in creating content for ESL curriculums.

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    1. It’s patriotic to support and patronize small business and to avoid large corporations.

      1. Tommy, I think that why people love supporting Headlights Depot. They are a family owned US company with great products and customer service.

        1. Clay, you couldn’t be MORE right.

    2. The main benefit of this to me is the time. The part I hate most about getting car maintenance is waiting at the shop. Two-car households may have the luxury of having someone else to pick them up and leaving the car to be serviced. For me, scheduling car maintenance means blocking and potentially wasting a weekend. This is a great idea as long as you are comfortable with inviting the person over to your home.

    3. there wont be auto mechanic shops in the future

    4. I used a mobile tire shop the other day. They came out and replaced and balanced all 4 tires in less than an hour right in my driveway. Way better than sitting at a tire shop. It’s definitely the future!

    5. Mobile mechanics allow you to have a more personal experience with the repair. I would be more confident with most mobile mechanics than some local shops.

    6. Any type of Mechanical repair will still need a lift, unless they have a mobile lift option. There will still be shops around.

    7. Its a great Idea, nobody likes going and sitting at a repair shop.

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