Sometimes accidents occur from reckless speeding or distracted driving. Sometimes it’s just a case of bad luck. If you become an at-fault driver in a collision, your car insurance premium will likely increase. Whether you caused or are involved in a wreck, insurance companies take advantage of a bad accident report. As a result, drivers pay the price for an accident no matter who is held liable.  That’s where accident forgiveness comes into play.

To help steer clear of increased premiums, many car insurance companies offer accident forgiveness – with the intention of protecting policyholders from the financial uproar of a collision. Some insurers offer forgiveness automatically, while others promote this insurance coverage as a purchased add-on. Regardless, this car insurance option is worth knowing about and should be considered by all drivers. 

The following will explain how accident forgiveness can benefit your driving history – including what Florida insurance providers offer accident forgiveness programs.  

How can it help you?

Accident forgiveness is a type of car insurance coverage that protects drivers from unwelcome premium increases after an accident. Qualified drivers can take advantage of this policy for when they experience their first accident on the road. Without accident forgiveness, your rate could increase for multiple reasons – including fault, injuries, number of crashes, and cost of damages.

With accident forgiveness coverage, drivers won’t be obliged to pay more or be negatively affected by an insurance rating system. Since an accident can affect premium rates for up to three years, having accident forgiveness is vastly beneficial for new drivers or those who have gone accident-free for years. In many states, drivers without accident forgiveness can expect rates to increase by approximately 50% for an at-fault accident. Just imagine, this could cost you hundreds of dollars each month! 

Benefits of accident forgiveness

  • Worry less about insurance rates increasing
  • Good driving discounts
  • Peace of mind on the road 
  • Potential long-term savings 

Limitations of accident forgiveness 

  • Not offered by all insurance companies 
  • Some U.S. states do not allow it (ex: California)
  • Your accident stays on your driving record
  • Only applies to the first accident on your insurance policy 

Who offers accident forgiveness?

Finding the right car insurance policy can be daunting. There are several rates and add-on options to choose from. Oftentimes, it takes some research and understanding to know which policy best fits your needs. Talking to an experienced insurance agent about accident forgiveness will help make your decision that much easier. While many car insurance companies offer accident forgiveness, some restrictions may apply.

Here are notable car insurance companies that offer forgiveness to their customers: 


Everyone knows Flo from Progressive. She makes us laugh when drivers don’t save on their car insurance policies. With Progressive, drivers can enjoy forgiveness through their loyalty program. This standard program benefits all policyholders who plan on being long-term customers of Progressive Insurance.Through the loyalty program, you can earn accident forgiveness over time. 


Geico understands that accidents happen – and sometimes, it’s your fault. With a commitment to keeping insurance rates low, Geico’s Accident Forgiveness can be purchased by policyholders or earned through safe driving. If you are over the age of 21 and have gone five years without an automobile accident, you may qualify for free forgiveness on your insurance policy. 


Allstate provides collission forgiveness as an add-on to your car insurance policy. With a dedication to safe driving, this insurer provides a safe driving bonus for every six months you go without an accident. They even provide personalized driving feedback to help lower insurance costs. If you are the at-fault in an accident, Allstate will prevent a premium increase with this type of coverage. 

How to qualify

First, check to see if your insurance provider offers accident forgiveness. We know that not every car insurance company or state offers this type of insurance coverage, so you will need to do some research. Keep in mind that your recent driving history will greatly determine if you qualify. If you’ve been involved in multiple accidents or received speeding tickets in the past few years then most insurers will deny your coverage. 

If you are ineligible for collission forgiveness, do not feel defeated. There are several discounts offered by insurance companies that will help improve your driving record in the meantime. For example, Allstate provides deductible rewards for continued safe driving. While talking to your insurance agent, you may also want to check into other car insurance add-ons that will benefit your lifestyle – such as gap insurance, roadside assistance, and personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. These insurance add-ons, like accident forgiveness, are a saving grace when mishaps occur.  


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