2020 Guide: The latest and greatest headlight upgrades

The use of headlights was first introduced in the late 1800s. These headlamps were made of acetylene or oil and stayed illuminated for only a short period of time. It wasn’t until Edison powered the electric lightbulb that headlight technology began to transform. Iconic car brands, like Cadillac and Chrysler, became the pioneers of headlight design and structure, with many automotive brands following suit.

Over a century later, we have reached novel advancements in engineering and major improvements in energy efficiency. The quality and design that exists in 2020 is unparalleled to previous technologies – with the addition of high beam illumination, mechanized systems, and increased safety features. Nowadays there are a variety of headlight types, giving both consumers and car manufacturers the option to choose.

The following guide will reveal the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies to look out for in 2020.

Say goodbye to those yellow bulbs

Although halogen headlights have remained one of the most universal and low-cost options for automotive headlamps, LED is taking the lead in 2020 for overall look and efficiency. With its modern appearance and sleek design, car manufacturers are leaning towards LED illuminance as their preferred choice. What’s better, the consumers are loving it! LED headlights are the perfect upgrade for your car if it is older or lacking finesse. Even though they say looks aren’t everything, LED lights are far better-looking than the yellow glow of a halogen bulb.

The benefits of LED headlights go beyond design. Car manufacturers like Audi, Nissan, and Lexus have taken advantage of both their aesthetics and performance to intrigue customers. The LED bulb provides greater brightness, less energy usage, and longer-lasting illumination. It also provides wider coverage, which guarantees safer driving and better visibility at night. These factors alone are compelling car owners to make the switch from halogen to LED. The good news is upgrading to LED headlights won’t totally break the bank. It is well-worth the price to give your car a much-needed facelift that will add value in return.

Halo rings

Another state-of-the-art feature in LED technology is the production of halo rings. These circular, high-density designs are perfect for adding a customized touch to your car. Typically, halo rings emit a cool, blue hue that instantly modernizes your car’s appearance. They look great on various BMW models and classic muscle cars, like the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger. This look is extremely popular among car enthusiasts that are looking to add a unique feature to their beloved ride.

Energy and durability

If you are an environmentally conscious buyer, then you should look into LED and HID replacement bulbs for your 2020 upgrade. With the talk of energy efficiency becoming a prominent topic in our world today, it is a great option for all buyers to consider. Although it’s a little more costly, HID headlights provide a longer service life that far surpasses the quality and replacement need of halogen bulbs. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about ailing headlights every few years or the murky buildup on your lenses? LED and HID technologies help car owners maintain a cleaner look, while providing quality improvements to our environment.

Check out bi-Xenon headlights

The creation of bi-Xenon headlights came as an upgrade to Xenon bulbs. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, then here is a quick overview. Xenon headlamps, also known as HID headlights, are found in popular, high-end brands like BMW and Mercedes. They are known for being costly and emitting the brightest light in industry standards. Due to their high intensity, however, car manufacturers can only use xenon bulbs as a low beam option – requiring both a halogen bulb and a xenon bulb to be installed on each headlight.

That is where bi-Xenon technology changes the game. The bi-Xenon headlight performs the role of a low beam bulb and a high beam bulb in one, single bulb. Talk about energy efficiency! What makes the bi-Xenon headlight so revolutionary is its diverse performance. While relying solely on mechanical engineering, the bi-Xenon headlight is able to navigate multiple functions with convenience in mind. They provide an elegant look when illuminated and work well in most models. As a bonus, the cost of repairs is less than their counterpart, making bi-Xenon headlights the latest and greatest option for high-quality standards.

Looking for safety?

Adaptive headlights are the perfect upgrade. With the use of electronic sensors, these headlights provide curve-adapting illuminance and greater coverage on the road. If you are known for driving on a winding cliff at night, then this is the upgrade you absolutely want and need. Do not hold back from making this purchase. These headlights emit powerful lumens in response to the rotation of your wheel. Therefore, you can drive over hills, mountain ranges, and other challenging landscapes at night with optimal guidance. This technology is extremely helpful in advancing safety standards while driving and prevents oncoming traffic from becoming blinded by a glaring light.

Adding adaptive headlights to your list of 2020 upgrades is as easy as visiting as our sister company, HeadlightsDepot – they provide an assortment of quality-grade adaptive headlights at an affordable cost. Not only will this feature heighten your safety while driving, but it will also add a nice design element to your car’s outward appearance.

Ready for the future

With the welcoming of a new decade, 2020 is sure to bring the start of another great year of advancement in headlight technology. Car manufacturers remain innovators in technological advancements and will continue to impress us with their latest and greatest improvements in the auto industry. Staying on top of the trends and latest upgrades will help car owners keep their vehicles in prime condition – and benefit their future trade-in value. So, sit back and enjoy this transformative period in headlight technology and performance.

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    1. Knowing the benefits of different bulbs or lighting technology outside of aesthetics is so important. Knowing the benefits of LED bulbs when it comes to energy efficiency can sometimes be a bigger selling point that just the performance. It is also good to know that all LED bulbs or HID bulbs are not created equal. There may even be one Halogen bulb that is better than another. At the end of the day, researching your needs from your headlights is valuable when considering an upgrade.

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