The subcompact car sector is taking off, and for good reason — with city driving made easy, what urbanite wouldn’t benefit from such a concise figure? Here’s my take on the 2020 Honda Fit and the 2020 Toyota Yaris, with a final consensus on which one’s best. 


The 2020 Honda Fit hatchback MSRP is just $16,190, which leaves plenty of room for upgrades. As for the 2020 Toyota Yaris hatchback, the MSRP is $17,750. With almost $1,500 extra on the tag, this model doesn’t break the bank, either. However, the Yaris also comes as a sedan, which starts at just $15,650.

The winner: I took the average for the Toyota sedan and hatchback versions, which ended up being more expensive than the Honda. So, 2020 Honda Fit it is.

Performance & efficiency

When equipped with the continuously variable transmission (CVT), the Honda Fit gets a combined 36 MPG. But its manual variant only reaches 31 combined MPG. As for the Toyota Yaris, we’ve got a maximum 35 combined MPG on all models. Because of its consistency, the Toyota subcompact is more efficient overall.

The Toyota Yaris has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that reaches 106 horsepower and 103 pounds-feet of torque. A six-speed manual transmission comes standard, but you can upgrade for an automatic.

The Honda Fit has the same engine, but because of its options for either a CVT or six-speed manual, output can differ. For the CVT, we have 128 horsepower and 113 pounds-feet of torque. For the manual transmission, we have 130 horsepower and 114 pounds-feet. All things considered, the Honda Fit has better performance.

Experts argue that the Yaris has the better handling (probably because of its zippy Sport mode), but the Fit has a swifter acceleration rate.

The winner: Because of the efficiency of the 2020 Yaris and the performance of the 2020 Honda Fit, it’s a draw.


Now, we are dealing with subcompact cars here, but drivers still seek maximum space in tight quarters (I mean, we’ve all seen Tiny House Nation, haven’t we?).

The Honda has a more spacious passenger volume, maxing out at 93.8 cubic feet. The Yaris’ passenger volume is 85.9 cubic feet. Both seat a total of five individuals. Both vehicles  feature standard 60/40 split-fold seats in the rear (Honda just calls theirs the “2nd-Row Magic Seat”), which really helps with packing. Trunk space with the seats up also goes to Honda, which hits 16.6 cubic feet (as opposed to Toyota’s 13.5).

The winner: 2020 Honda Fit, again.

Headlights & design

Style is bold in the 2020 Toyota Yaris, with 16-inch alloy wheels, honeycomb grille, available leatherette-trimmed seating with contrast stitching, and optional chrome and piano-black accents. The lighting is fierce, too — fog lights bookend the grille while auto on/off LED lights take charge. Go for the optional LED daytime running lights for the best bet.

Meanwhile, the 2020 Honda Fit brings sporty to the floor. You can get leather-trimmed seating if you want, which is more than the Yaris can say. But the front end just doesn’t look as good. However, LED brake lights and available LED fog lights do the trick, even if the car just has halogen headlights (though they are auto on/off).

The winner: 2020 Toyota Yaris, you’ve got this one.

Amenities & extras

The 2020 Toyota Yaris comes with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a seven-inch touchscreen, backup camera, low-speed forward collision warning, keyless entry and push button start — all standard. Go for the higher trim and get automatic climate control, too. Unfortunately, USB ports are extra, and it’s 2020, so that’s a bummer. This subcompact is limited in its driver-assistance features.

The 2020 Honda Fit offers quite a bit standard: a multi-angle rearview mirror, remote entry and five-inch color LCD screen. However, if you go up just one trim to the Sport (which is only $1,410 more), you’ll also get Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a seven-inch touchscreen. The CVT version lets you add tons of driver-assistance features, including adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist and more.

The winner: Sorry Toyota, but I’m going with the 2020 Honda Fit.

The winner: 2020 Honda Fit

This is no hefty SUV comparison, but the subcompact genre is really taking off. Because of its reliability, practicality and tech-savviness — among other noteworthy features — the 2020 Honda Fit beats out the 2020 Toyota Yaris in this subcompact comparison.

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    1. lots of power

    2. In my opinion they both seem to be amazing cars but in my preference I would choose Toyota over Honda. First it was the first family car which last us for a really long time base on that I was able to tell Toyota its an economical car for many reason. It doesn’t get damage easily, it last, it’s not expensive in every aspect starting from body part to model. I really like the way they look.

    3. #TeamToyota4lyfe!

    4. Personally I like the Fit better.

    5. I’m team Toyota. But I can see why the Honda came out a tad above.

    6. Some of these subcompacts have extremely impressive fuel mileage.

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