As the world continues to adapt to a global pandemic, many people are realizing that increased sanitation guidelines are here to stay. Measures that once seemed extreme are starting to feel like the norm, such as hand sanitizer at entrances to businesses and mask-wearing in restaurants. That’s why keeping your car clean is so important.

But as we get adjusted to the new normal, many people are wondering how they can keep their cars clean, safe and sanitized without a ton of hassle. Now that people are starting to leave their homes more often, doing a deep-clean of your car after every time you drive just isn’t realistic. Now, drivers are looking to learn about long-term hygiene habits that can help their cars stay clean and sanitized.

These 5 car accessories can help keep your car clean and make sure you’re never caught off-guard by health and safety guidelines.

1. Car air purifier

Air purifiers are common for inside homes and office spaces, especially for people with allergies. But today, more brands are launching compact air purifiers that you can use in your car. While it’s somewhat unclear if air purifiers can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, they can help with the overall air quality in your car. This can help aid with seasonal allergies, minimize coughing that happens in your car, and overall help your passengers feel a bit healthier. 

Check out these compact air purifiers:

2. Spill-proof car trash can

The last thing you want to deal with right now is a messy, dirty car. If you ever eat in or drink in your car, or have kids who do, you’re open to a buildup of bacteria and germs that come with all those on-the-go snacks. Keeping a trash can in your car can help keep things clean and avoid spills that damage your seats and interior. 

We love spill-proof trash cans that are specifically made for cars—and the snacks you might have on the go. There are tons of options for spill-proof trash cans on Amazon at every price point.

3. Hand sanitizer

If there’s one thing that seems to be here to stay, it’s hand sanitizer. Since COVID-19 can be transmitted on surfaces, as can many other colds and viruses, using hand sanitizer frequently is a smart and easy way to keep yourself safe. It’s also one of the easiest things you can do right now. And, contrary to some internet myths, hand sanitizer won’t explode in your car. Opt for a hand sanitizer bottle with a pump instead of a cap, so that you don’t need to touch it in order to get the gel out. 

4. Personal protective gear

Since many states and individual businesses still require face masks to enter stores or restaurants, it’s frustrating when you find yourself on an errand only to realize you forgot a face mask. Keeping a personal protective gear kit in your glove box can save you any stress for those moments. You can also store things like gloves, which some people suggest using when you’re getting gas or disinfecting your car.

This isn’t really a gadget, and more of a tip. Buy an affordable toiletries bag and fill it with whatever personal gear you prefer, and keep it in your car. You’ll thank us later.

5. Cleaning supplies

If you ever have food or liquids in your car, spills and messes happen—no matter how careful you are. And while you might not be able to clean your car after every use, regular cleaning of the interior is still a good idea. Regardless of the pandemic, keeping the inside of your car clean helps maintain its value.

Consider keeping a few essentials in your trunk, like an all-purpose cleaner or disinfecting wipes and sponge. If you only have a few minutes to do some disinfecting, consider wiping down high-touch surfaces like your steering wheel.

Veronica Camara
Veronica is an independent content strategist, writer, and speaker, partnering with global brands and agencies to solve complex content challenges. Prior to consulting work, she was an in-house content strategist at Charles Schwab. She is currently living in sunny Playa del Carmen, Mexico and works remotely with clients across the USA and Canada.

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    1. It’s so shocking to see how the world is becoming to be every single time. All of this things are so important but we honestly didn’t pay attention to all of that until recent because of the pandemic.I love the little trash can for the car.

    2. I keep hand sanitizer on my key chain and try to wipe down most used surfaces in my car quite frequently. I hate when I forget my mask. It happens more often than I’d like to admit.

    3. Just be careful getting any hand sanitizer on your car’s interior, it will stain.

    4. Great article, I always keep a pack of masks in my car now.

    5. I always keep microfiber cloths, alcohol spray, gloves, and masks in the car. I like using gloves when i go to fill up with gas, because the pumps are always grimy.

    6. Disposable gloves for pumping gas and a small spray bottle of rubbing alcohol is how I roll.

    7. It’s interesting how the pandemic has prompted so many changes in the way things are done. Work, Restaurants… and even just simply automotive Hygeine

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